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    Security during Ambedkar Jayanthi, Do we need force to stop Protests?

    The recent protests on the Bharat Bandh saw violent protests across the states and many of them died in protest. The recent protests on Jobs and reservations saw people making violence on roads, but it was not affected by the people. Recent problems have made the Central Government ensure security during the Ambedkar Jayanthi on April 14. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued advice to make enough security during the Ambedkar Jayanthi. Will the Police be able to stop such violence in the country?
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    It is always better to be careful and take steps to stop before something unwanted happens. Prevention is better than cure. As on date, many controversies are going on and sometimes very small incidents may also flare up. To avoid such outburst it is better to caution the police to be alert and see that no unwanted incidents will happen. The police can stop all the violence if a free hand is given to them without any interference by the politicians. But the majority of problems will be created by the politicians and they will be hand in glove with some of the senior police people who make the on the field police weak. In fact, many cases police know what happened and who is the culprit. But they can't act immediately as the people behind the criminal are very powerful and they will stop these police from taking a useful action. So if the police have given a chance they can prove their worth and they can stop any type of violence on 14th April 2018. Let us wait and see what will be happening.
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    This has become the need of the hour & we now required to understand that these are all politically motivated & not belonging to any ideal of Mr. Bhimrao Ambedkar or any of our past heroes. These are all in order of creating bad image of the respective governments in the respective states. The mobs are offered the money as well as the liquor to do disturbances in the various regions in order to retain the public attention & to remain in news.

    In many of the incidences, wherein we have seen the public properties are damaged along with killing of the innocents have been found to have the involvements of the regional political parties. Few of them who got identified with the police got caught & have also kept behind the bars.

    The common people don't have enough means to spent their times on such things.

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    Just for one or two minor incidents of mob going on rampage should not be generalized and the police need not go for such big exercise of providing wholesome security on Dr Ambedkar Birthday tomorrow. By the way ordinary and normal persons are not interested to create havoc or uneasy scenes. Only those who are paid to do such unlawful things must be kept under watch. And all these years the Ambedkar birthdays were held peacefully and this time also it would be held peacefully and in grandeur. We should not see any apprehension or tension and therefore we be spend time concentrating on our work.
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    The security forces are being used to maintain law and order situation on every day on one pretext or the other. It involves expenditure of huge amount of public money. I think that with the growth in the number of unemployed youths, the incidences of staging various types of bandhs and protest rallies are increasing.

    No wonder, there may be companies existing which take contracts for arranging manpower for staging protest march or staging dharna or bandh etc. Such companies will offer an opportunity to the unemployed youths to work at least part time on payment basis.

    Apart from wastage of public money in deploying security forces to contain and control such mobs, a lot of inconvenience is caused to the public as smooth flow of traffic gets disrupted and sometimes innocent people are get caught unawares in violent situations in which vehicles are burnt and the people are killed or maimed.

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    Protests have lost their noble significance and the noble means in which the protestors behave. Not many reports indicating of protests yesterday. Generally, there would be extra police and the situation would be monitored regularly.
    Often things get out of hand when radical members resort to violence, stone throwing, destroying public property etc. This is seen in many purposefully organised protests wherein the aim is to create an impression that there is a law and order issue in the particular place. When this escalation occurs, police need force to stop violent acts. We have so many candlelight protests but hardly any violence at such peaceful protests.

    So, the behaviour of the mob often reflects on the use of restraint or excess force by the law and order personnel.

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