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    Justice Chelameswar about the Allocation of work in Supreme Court

    Today We have seen that Justice Chelameswar refused to hear the plea from Shanthi Bhushan who was former Law Minister about the allocation of work done in Supreme Court. Justice Chelameshwar is nearing his retirement and he does not like to put another issue on the court. Earlier he took a probe into allegations of the medical scam, but it was the rejected by the CJI court. He does not like to get another reject for a case. He does not like to put up the issue, because he does not have any bothering on the case. Why did he come to public media to put up the issue about working in Supreme Court?. Share your views.
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    The Hindu newspaper published news as per which the quote of Justice Chelameswar goes as,"With two months left, I don't want to hear that I am trying to grab some office. I do not want another reversal of my order in 24 hours. Let the nation decide its own course."
    With one sentence he made his intentions very clear. He doesn't want to enter into another controversy.
    These remarks came in the backdrop of two recent letters written by him and Justice Kurian Joseph regarding the Supreme Court and suspected interference by the executive into judicial matters.

    always confident

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    Posting correct responses in such threads requires deep understanding of the nuances of the functioning of the Supreme Court etc. though the newspapers publish the reports in easy to understand and in layman's language. Still self restraint should be exercised in offering comments lest the views expressed distort the matter due to half baked knowledge.

    Recently in the SC/ST case judgement of supreme court most of the protesters didn't even read the judgement and staged violent protests only based on presumptions about distorted interpretation of the subject matter leading to even death of few persons.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Justice Chelameswar and his three colleagues convened a press conference to vent their ire about the functioning of the Supreme Court. I have heard that other judges (not the Chief Justice) of the Supreme Court are unhappy and angry about the press conference. They have intimated that to these four judges. Now we can easily link the present petition filed by Shanti Bhushan with the press conference.

    It is a very unfortunate affair. I should not say more on this issue.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Justice Chelameswar was one among the four senior Supreme Court Judges who took the unprecedented step of going to the media to expose their grave concerns about the health of Judiciary and the SC (with respect to the allocation of cases etc). Mr.Shanti Bhushan's plea is also related to the status of the CJI about the master of the roster. Both are different issues.
    With regards to coming public about the issues, they have made a clear statement that included 'democracy is in danger and history would not forgive us if we ignored this'. I see no harm in the manner of refusal as this senior gentleman is due to retire and why to have a controversial exit.

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    Someone has to ring the bell regarding issues inside the Court, and it is good that Justice Chalemeshwar was one among the judges to rake up the issue of unhealthy judiciary and the need to bring life. It is the fact that most of the cases are kept pending for the years together and there is no essence in taking up the cases of so many years and then awarding punishment. There is a saying that justice delayed is the justice denied. And in many cases the punishment is awarded at the wee end of the life which is non acceptable to many accused. So there is need to overhaul the justice department and a new thinking has to be initiated.
    K Mohan
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    But Mr. Mohan, did Justice Chelameshwar raise these issues (which you have mentioned) in the press conference? The issues raised by him were entirely different. If he and other three judges raised the issues mentioned by you, there would not be so much controversy.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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