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    Why Mr.Modi's government has not used the opportunity to prove its majority in no confidence motion

    Mr.Modi's government has enjoying very safe majority along with its supporting parties. Any government when it faces no confidence motion surely try to defends itself by making arrangement with like minded parties to win and prove its majority. But Mr.Modi's government interestingly try to avoid the debate by showing some silly reasons. The speaker of the house can suspend the members who are disturbing the house and take up the debate on a no confidence motion. Even Mr. Vajpayee who is running a weak BJP coalition government went bravely for no confidence motion. Its is the right of the opposition parties may ask for a no confidence motion and it is the duty of ruling party to show that they are ruling the country with the trust of more elected members on their side. The BJP has run away from this great opportunity because the weaknesses of their promises to A.P. get exposed and the second thing is some of their friendly parties get shun away from BJP which exposes their strength of unity in future elections. Do you think the same or you deviate from this view.
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    This question perplexed me also. It would have been better for the Modi govt to have come out successful and could have shined with more brightness and efficiency after the 'purification' of no-confidence motion. The reaction and response by the Modi governm,ent had left a bitter taste in the mouth of every democratic minded impartial people of this country. Definitely ,instead of becoming more popular , this action or reaction by the Modi govt ha only made it a little more unpopular and people doubting its genuine faith in democracy.

    I feel that the Modi govt has lost a golden chance to show its majority and unity and thus a very effective popular mandate on its stands.

    It just shows that the ruling NDA was not at al sure about its coherence and support in the event of voting if it happened.I feel they are tying themselves into wrong tricky knots.

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    Lack of confidence about the outcome of the no-confidence motion. Some of the allies including Telugu Desam gave talaq to the NDA. There was a sneaking doubt about its own members. Mr. Naidu on his tour to Delhi changed many equations. All these added to the nonadmission of the no-confidence motion. The Government with the help of AIADMK saw to it that the no-confidence motion is not admitted. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha could have ordered the AIADMK members to be marshaled out. The notice of no-confidence motion becomes the most important business of the house, once it is admitted. Without proving its majority on the floor of the house, the government cannot conduct any business until they prove their majority.
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    When the BJP have 280 MPs (earlier 282) in Lok Sabha, is there any further need to prove the majority? The No-Confidence motion was brought by N. Chandrababu Naidu and was supported by some other opposition parties. But these opposition parties could not convince AIADMK to join them. AIADMK disrupted the House and consequently, the No-Confidence motion could not be discussed.

    Another issue which was not discussed on this platform should be mentioned here. Congress planned to bring an Impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India, but sensing the disunity in the opposition camp, the party has not dared to bring this motion. The proposal has died at discussion stage itself.

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    What I feel that the present NDA government of the view that if the no confidence motion was brought now and the government got defeated , it will have cascading effect in future. Why the chance of defeat because, in BJP itself there are many MP's who are not happy the way the government has promised special status and PM Modi himself made this promise in front of the then VP Venkiahnaidu at a public meeting. BJP MP's know that the party is eroding its popular base and in the South it is complete wash out due to adamant behavior. So the government was successful in not initiating NCM just to survive until Karkanata Elections first.
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    The Earth is always round! The present Government or the ruling party has not derived any new formula to act against the opposition. After all, they learnt a leaf from their predecessors. You can't go on blaming someone who has acted to counter the political game plan of the other side. You can't expect to sacrifice their Government just as the previous regime lost its motion just by one vote following the principles of ethics. At that moment, the then CM of Orissa as a MP made his presence to vote against the Government and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha didn't cast his vote. Why one should take risk by succumbing to the pressure tactics of just two regional parties supported by a united desperate group of politicians?

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    The party which claims that it is different from the others is definitely different. It proved to be worse than the others and different. This is a party which is in power and does not bother about honoring its own promises on the floor of the house. I am happy that some of the members accepted that there is a risk for the party in admitting the motion of no-confidence. This risk perception is the main reason for not allowing the no-confidence motion and not any other excuses.
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    There are many reasons for not taking the no-confidence motion for debate in the Lok Sabha. Many of the supporting parties have decided to part away. So the strength has come down. Even then the BJP is having a majority. But some of their own party MPs are unhappy. If by any chance if they skip attending the Parliament on the day of Voting, they may not win the voting. With this feeling in mind, BJP has acted smart by taking the help of AIADMK they avoided the discussion.
    The AP issue has attained the support of many MPs including some BJP members also. But they are not openly criticizing the PM as the party is having a lot of discipline internally.
    The speaker might have suspended the AIADMK members and she might have taken the NCM for discussion.

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    Not taking the no confidence motion in the parliament, despite having a convincing majority, was a well thought strategy of BJP as it would have brought a blot in the otherwise checkered record of BJP in the parliament. The step has also shown the political parties proposing to move the no confidence motion, their real worth.
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