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    What sops can we expect from the present government in the penultimate year of general elections?

    The general elections are due next year i.e. 2019. The people have now changed the tone of their talking about performance of the current government. The opposition parties have commenced smelling the blood and have invigorated their anti-government propaganda.

    Generally, the ruling party announces many pleasant policies in the penultimate year of elections to woo the voters and get another chance to rule the country. Under such a circumstances, I am expecting major changes in income tax structure in favour of the taxpayers.

    What sops can we expect from the present government in the penultimate year of general elections?
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    As far as I understand, the Government will be giving tremendous stress on the implementation of various welfare scheme during 2018-19. We have got some indications but I won't like to share it in open platform.

    Further, the Government is trying to find out a way-out and clear all the long-pending promotion in Central Government offices which were earlier kept in abeyance due to a complicated Court case t Supreme Court.

    We can also expect some more sops for the armed forces personnel (military and para-military forces) in near future.

    However, new schemes will be few and far between because these may create more controversy among rootless. job-less opposition party leaders.

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    What I feel that Modi government was maligned and criticized for promising to bring black money from other countries which were illegally stored and probably every account holder may get some cash benefits directly transferred to them to take on Congress which is going over board with caste politics and wants to win Karnataka and there by show the encumbrance factor and stress that Modi may not stay for the future to continue for the second term. If the amounts are credited no matter how much it is. it will be the biggest ever sop being tried and given as promised and the voters will surely elect him back to power.
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    The Karnataka elections will indicate the mind of people on the state government and central government. The result will have a lot of impact on the southern states regarding their stand on the BJP. The BJP is trying to make some areas of the country as their favourite areas and they are trying to benefit the public there so that they will win majority of MP seats even though they lose in some states, So what I feel is they will try to do more favours for the states where their party is in rule and consolidate their strength. The present attitude of the government is indicating the same.
    However, they may come out with some proposals which may benefit the public so that they will support their party. Like promotions to Central government staff etc as mentioned in the other response.

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    It doesn't seem logical to presume that announcing sops only for the central government employee will be sufficient to muster requisite number of seats in the parliament.

    What about the business class people, dalits and minorities?

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    Sops before elections are common, often these are a mix and match of old/allied programs that are given a new name so that funding issues are not a major burden. The newspapers in Karnataka have regular announcements from both parties about appeasing policies every week.
    From the central government, I except some sops related to reservation quota hike, a package to Andhra Pradesh, loan waiver to farmers/agricultural sector or even the Cauvery water management board. It would have a major plan for jobs early because there is a growing concern about jobs not being created.

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