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    Why Mr.Modi and BJP emulating one day deeksha of opposition parties?

    Usually opposition parties conduct deekshas, bandhs or hartals to highlight their protest against the ruling party. But ruling party doing one day 'Save Democracy deeksha showing their weakness and in their moral strength. Instead of acting strongly to run the house and to carry the budget session in a systematic way the BJP government allowed the AIDMK to disturb the proceedings and simply shun away from the important discussions and debates in the house. AIDMK not supported the opposition no confidence motion and and disturbing the house to save BJP. When keys of running the house in their hands itself why BJP blame opposition parties for not running the house properly. In my opinion BJP lost its confidence and moral strength which lead them to emulate opposition parties in doing one day deekshas. In recent public speeches of our PM there is lack of vigour and strength of words in his speeches like in the past.
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    "n my opinion BJP lost its confidence and moral strength which lead them to emulate opposition parties in doing one day deekshas.''-All the Members are very much aware of the author's opinion. But what is 'deekshas'? Is it a Sanskrit word or Telugu word? As far as I know, Sanskrit ''Deeksha'' means ''preparation or consecration for a religious ceremony". But this meaning seems to be inappropriate in the present context.

    I humbly request the author to elaborate this thread so that Members can respond to this useful thread on current affairs.

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    Now a days sitting on strike and protesting in many ways has become the moral right of every political parties and what is wrong if BJP also tows the same idea so that make it understand the need of living in unity and nothing will get through deeksha or strikes or bandhs and so on. And when a PM sits on hunger strike , it matters and the whole world media would project the news instantly and that would have farther implication on the ways of the opposition conning to defame the government. And who said protest is the whole sale rights of the opposing parties, even ruling party can also protest against the undemocratic protests of the opposition and their intentions.
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    I don't know. Is it not the responsibility of the ruling party to stop the opposition parties from halting the proceedings of the Parliament. Instead of doing that they just ignore and now they are trying to go for a one day fast. I am not able to support their decision on this particular move.
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