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    He used his handicap to hoodwink the British police

    He was born at Shobhana village in Khulna district (now in Bangladesh) in February, 1890. His father's name was Keshab Chandra Bose. He came to Calcutta to earn bread for his family. He used to work at various presses and newspapers for his living in Kolkata and Howrah.

    He was handicapped. He did not have the palm of his right hand since birth. He was physically very weak. But his handicap and poor health could not diminish his patriotic zeal. Deeply affected by the partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon, he joined Jugantar, a famous revolutionary group of Bengal.

    Public Prosecutor Ashutosh Biswas was responsible for the conviction of many revolutionaries in the Muraripukur Bomb Case and some other false cases during the anti-partition movement. He was actively involved in collecting evidence and arranging witnesses to ensure punishment of many revolutionaries. This was beyond the call of his normal duty. He showed enthusiasm to serve his British masters in this way. The revolutionary groups decided to punish him. Ashutosh Biswas was awarded death sentence. And this feeble handicapped man of our story was entrusted to carry out the death sentence.

    This "diminutive looking, sickly, thin-built teenager" who hardly attracted notice recced the places where the traitor used to frequent. He decided to kill him at the Alipur Police Court. This handicapped man started target practice with his left hand. On the particular day, he entered the court premises, tying the revolver to his crippled hand and covering it under a shawl. When Ashutosh Biswas arrived at the court with his security, the young man followed him until he got him within point-blank range. He reached just in front of Biswas and calmly pulled the trigger thrice. And then he courted arrest smilingly without any drama.

    The heart-rendering torture by the British did not affect the strong moral of this weak and handicapped young man. Till the last day, he harassed the police detectives giving false names and addresses of his handlers. He refused to accept any professional help of lawyers in his defense.

    The court proceedings ended on 22nd February, 1909, and the death sentence was pronounced on the following day. He insisted on its expedition at the earliest. The judgment was upheld by the High Court on March 2, 1909. He was hanged on 19th March, 1909, at Alipur Central Jail.

    This weak young man who used his handicap to hoodwink the police had lived at Russa Road in Tollygunj area of Calcutta for twelve long years. After independence, the State Government re-christened the road in his name, but the people of Bengal have forgotten this diminutive young revolutionary, Charu Chandra Bose.
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    Charu Chandra Bose, a handicapped person used the same handicap to his advantage and did the damage to the Public Prosecutor Ashutosh Biswas. Hats off to such a man who has taken the interest of the country more than his own living. Thanks to the Author for bringing out a beautiful thread with the story of a brave person. The state government should also deserve appreciations for naming the street. after his name, where he was living .
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    Charu Chandra Bose is itself has been successful with his handicapped palm and he used this to win Independence for our country. The Bengal government must remember him and must schedule a day for him. Especially the leaders who have fought for our Independence has been avoided and the government does not make an opinion on it.
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    A nice narration of a physically challenged person who had become a martyr in fighting for freedom and opposing people who supported the British at the expense of our own countrymen. This story is highlighted in the website of 'Blind person's association', Calcutta as an inspiration to other challenged individuals. Courage willpower and determination often help such people, we see challenged people around us often, they need the same respect and dignity as us and not our sympathies.

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    The imposing life history of Charu Chadra Bose was a challenge to read and know and I can imagine his reactions with the British force with his disabilities. Such people are rare in this world.
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    During my teen days, when I used to roam at Charu Avenue, I knew that this road was earlier called Russa Road and the name was changed in the memory of a handicapped revolutionary named Charu Chandra Bose. But now I try to understand what this teenager achieved in spite of his handicap. This post is my respect to the great but forgotten revolutionary.
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