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    Does the 'within 10 days response rule' include Ask the Expert Section also ?

    I had posted a query about posting forum response duration. I got the required information, thou the forum posting guidelines links were not click - able as per the reply from Vandana and others I understand that it is better to avoid posting response to a forum if it is more than 10 days old but it is not a 'Rule'.
    It is a practise to avoid new posts losing it's value.
    I would also like to know if same guideline should be followed for posting response for Ask the Expert ' forums ?
    There are 2 reasons of posting this query here .
    1)Would like to know if there is 10 days duration limit for Ask the Expert section ?
    2)Would like to suggest no time limit or increase in time limit for posting responses to some category of threads such as Ask the Experts .This section is for posting questions and getting answers and sharing knowledge which is useful for everyone. New authors will join and would be unable to post new ideas here .Some authors like me really don't write for point benefits but because they like writing. Putting time frame limits the interest of sharing knowledge .
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    Our Ask experts section has been designed to elicit responses from the experts to a particular question or the issue and therefore the time limit applicable to the forum rule does not apply there. However make sure you are not making the same replies already appended and made convinced by our member experts.
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    The threads posted in Forum are purely for discussion purpose and based on individual perspective while the Ask Expert Section of ISC is purely based on knowledge sharing, facts on the topic and personal experience of the member responding to the query. As such, a member is allowed to post a response to an AE query limited to a period of Six months old. Even older threads can be answered in case no response by any member was posted earlier or the member has posted a qualitative response which gives an advanced information than the earlier responses. Points and c.c will be given, in such cases, purely at the discretion of the Editor. Otherwise, no points and c.c for the responses posted to the AE queries which are more than the stipulated period of six months.

    It is good that you have raised a doubt here and many of the new members have a tendency of pulling the old threads in AE section which are 3 to 4 years old. Please go through the posting guidelines of all sections as it is not possible to send messages to every member who violates the rules as the incidence of violations is on the higher side these days.


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    No, ten days rule is not applicable in Ask Expert section, but even then it is preferred that the Members should confine themselves in answering recent questions. However, old questions can be answered if sufficient/no answer has been received in respect of such questions. If the Member thinks that the answers are not appropriate (in respect of old questions), he/she can submit new answers with new/additional information.
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    I think the lead editor has clarified the point very well in his response #633330 above.

    In nutshell, 10 days rule of forum section is not applicable in Ask Expert section.

    Also, personally, I feel as to why to go for replying a question which is few or many years old. Instead, I would prefer to raise the question again in the Ask Expert section to elicit fresh and updated answers.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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