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    What do you think about various fairness cream advertisements

    So many fairness creams and so many actors/actresses are promoting them ?? Isn't it too much. If we are to talk about people's behaviour about taking care of their selves for looks there would be many categories of people we can discuss. Some people want to have a impressing personality, some want to be attractive ,some are just career concentrated.some really don't care about looks but health .There are too many people thinking about looking fair or not looking fair. Fairness is given preference over darkness of skin when beauty is concerned. We have often seen parents searching fair person to be their daughter -in -law.Till the time friendship is considered skin colour does not matter but when it comes to marriage they want to choose fair looking person. We hardly see a mismatched married couple in terms of skin colour. This differentiation makes one turn towards fairness creams .These kind of cream companies pay in crores to the actors for the advertisements. These adds represent racism and give preference to fair skin. There was a news of Ranbir Kapoor rejecting the fairness add even after getting offer of getting paid in crores. Here he showed the right behaviour .
    What are your thoughts about the fairness adds ?Should they be banned ? And what are your thoughts about actors endorsing such adds ?
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    These for any product the competition is very high. Many companies are producing the same with a different name. So to improve their share of the market for their product all the companies are spending a lot of money. In between the stars and other influential persons are getting benefitted. The price is paid by the common man.
    These adds are not at all conveying any information about the merits and demerits of the products. A beautiful lady will come and say that she has used the product and got improved in so and so quality. The viewers will concentrate on having a look at his favourite hero or heroine or other celebrity. As a matter of fact, if the product is really good why can't they come out with the positives of their product.
    Recently the Lalitha Jewellery started a new trend in the advertisement. They have not spent any money on celebrity. But the owner himself is participating. A new trend.

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    Indian obsession with fair skin can be traced back to the British rule when fair skin meant supremacy, wealth and power. In India fairer skin means lesser dowry in marriages. However, nowadays fairness creams for men has also become popular and men are buying and using too.

    The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has issued guidelines according to which communicating any discrimination based on skin colour through advertising by cosmetics manufacturers has been prohibited.

    According to market research the cream and lotion segment of the skin lightening products is to reach a market value of over US$ 8,900 millions in 2027 from US$ 4,800 millions in 2017.

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    The basic purpose of advertisements is to lure the customer for a particular product. The company will play all types of gimmicks and tricks so that customer tries their product. There is an advertisement war between the various companies to promote their product.

    Many people fall trap to such visual displays and purchase those costly creams or other products. Whether these creams are really effective is a matter of great scientific research but if the person who has spent money is satisfied then company is happy and laughingly takes the profit to their bank.

    There are many big companies spending enormous amounts in advertisements and to some extent they are also benefitted by that practice.

    In fact, we should use our brain and should not blindly go for these products as in many cases we can get same results with simple home remedies also.

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    This multi-crore cosmetic industry cashes on the human desire to be white and fair. No harm in us, humans having this wish but, we need also to encourage the thoughts that black/grey is also beautiful. The moment we mention color, it gives a racial tone to it and hence anything in the cosmetic sector can be interpreted or even be racial inappropriate.
    I don't think we should ban the ads or criticise the models because it is like any other industry which some like and some hate. For instance, the tobacco and liquor industry, it destroys lives and families, some hate it, some love it but we still accept it saying that it is up to the consumer to make a decision as an adult. Likewise, with regards to cosmetics, the consumers have to decide whether to use it or not. We cannot speak ill of the ads and actors in it. Last but not least, if one wants to be fair, please let them go ahead, but do not look down upon or speak ill of others who have other skin shades ( It's genetics and God who gave them)

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    Whether we agree or not, fairness and looking good and fair is the inner liking of every person be it male or female and that weakness has been well captured through the imaginative ads creations and thus people with little away from fairness are tempted to test and use those products and get benefited. But nothing can match the desi way of looking bright and arresting with usage of Haldi and Chandan which are home products which brings glowing fairness for the face and also while bathing using Besen powder also enhances the fairness. So instead of confusing over various fairness creams, test the above and get benefited without any side effects.
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    The popularity of the fairness creams available in the market is due to the fact that the Indians have an illogical affinity towards fair complexion. The Indian cosmetic industry is always ready to encash this prejudice. But in western countries, many people prefer tanned or dusky complexion. In those countries, fairness creams are not so popular.
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    I do not believe any advertisement of fairness cream. These fairness creams are made of chemicals which can adversely affect our health. Skin problems are common due to use of these fairness creams. You can use natural products like honey, milk, Multani soil, egg, etc for the softness and fairness of skin. I will not suggest you use these type of creams without the consultant of a physician.
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    Advertisement of fairness cream has been running since my childhood. I still remember the Fair n Lovely cream ad, this cream was very popularly used by almost everyone. Later Fairever has come and now there are many more. Frankly speaking, these are all just waste of money. And also these cosmetics are not even good for all skins.
    Nowadays, there are many new brands which have been introduced for both male and female. I strongly feel that natural products are far much better than these products. Our mother, grandmother in ancient times have used mostly turmeric, milk, rose milk etc and they are looking good even today.
    I think all these fairness creams should be banned. Actors are being paid for the advertisement, I am sure they also won't use these products. I believe, just love yourself, however, your color might be.

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