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    PM was on fast for a day, yesterday.

    The ruling party has decided to go on fast for a day to protest against the way of opposition parties behaviour in the recently concluded Parliament. I feel it is not a correct gesture by the ruling party.
    They might have taken the Parliament sessions and they might have ordered the evacuation of the TDP MPs, TRS MPs and AIADMK MPs. But they have not done it. When the TRS MPs and TDP MPs stopped interrupting only AIADMK were protesting. At least at that stage, the speaker might have taken a step to see that the LS will run normally. But it was never done. Now, what is the use of protesting by one-day fasting? What purpose is it serving? Is it an election gimmick?
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    It is purely the inefficiency of the ruling party. It is a wonder that a ruling party is going on fast against the opposition party. It will not bring any good effect or affect the opposition parties. Very poor, Mr. Modi.
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    This shows the lack of experience on the side of the author & also I don't agree with Mr. Sun too.

    In the political arena, the either side need to be diplomatic. The ruling party can't deny the stand of the opposition party in one note as being in power the ruling party has more liable to the functioning of the floor. I have never found the more responsible party then the BJP. On the other way round we got one national level party in the Loksabha which is the Congress who doesn't have any work other then raising the petty issue & do irresponsible acts like going on a fast after breakfast. This Congress party never stood for their nation as they have more responsibilities towards their party leadership.

    Rest remains as the regional parties so they keep on raising the local issues like the ST/SC exploitation.

    There is one party stood for our nation which is the BJP which has taken the decisions well appreciated even by the World Bank. Any of those decisions were not influenced by any segment or any categories but for the common cause of national interest only.

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    Did any one differentiated the fast being undertaken by opposition parties with that of PM observing the same for a day ? When the relay fast hunger strike by various parties were stationed at one place and the fasting was going on. And whereas the PM Modi was on fast, but was doing his routine duty of visiting places. talking in meetings and above all he never looked tired or loosing. So when the opposition parties wasted time in fasting, the PM has shown the productivity of his work and thus one must learn from him as to how to impress others even through protest means by not merely raising slogans and obstructing the business.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan, I appreciate your observation and it is unique in many respects and the important point is no time last or no point kept pending because of this fasting.
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    The BJP used to disrupt the parliament sessions when they were sitting on the opposition benches during the UPA government. Thus disruption of the parliament sessions by the opposition political parties is emerging as a favorite strategy by the politicians across the board. They don't allow the ruling party to conduct parliamentary proceedings to pass bills which are in the interest of the people of India as in this manner the ruling party is likely to earn brownie points in the eyes of the voters. The voters are also helpless as all political parties are behaving in the same manner.

    Staging one day's fast by the Prime Minister is a 'tit for tat' type of answer to the fast staged by the opposition political parties.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When BJP as an opposition party used to disrupt the proceedings of the Parliament, the intellectuals used to blame BJP. Now the opposition parties are disrupting the proceedings of the Parliament, even then the intellectuals are blaming BJP! So, what should BJP leaders do?
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    The Prime Minister and his party members going on a fast indicate its failure as a ruling party. The fast is to fool the people. The smooth running of the parliament is the duty of the government. When a conflict arises between the government and the opposition, the onus lies with the government to find a solution in consultation with the opposition to run the parliament smoothly. The government did not do anything to sort out the differences and in fact happy with the disruption. The Punjab National Bank fraud and the no-confidence motion of YSRCP and the TDP are the main reasons for the government to choose an escape route with the help of TRS and AIADMK. This tactic will backfire on the BJP party. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh ridiculed this fast as the inefficiency of the BJP. He further added that this is a classic example of their failure to fulfill their promises and blame the opposition.
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    I am trying to understand the ground rule applicable in ISC. Whatever BJP and the PM do, is condemnable. We must condemn whatever they do, only then we can become true intellectuals.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I see no harm, as each party is sticking to their grounds and protesting in their own ways. The only problem is with so many distractions, allegations, counter-allegations, how will the electorate make a wise choice in the coming elections.

    I just read the papers about Mr.Chandrababu Naidu taking a dig at this episode. 'Has any PM undertaken a fast like this?' The simple answer is the leader of the Congress party undertook a fast against BJP and now the PM is repaying it, such reciprocal statements, events etc are common in politics.

    What is unique is the fact that a current PM is fasting and the message from him was clear ' fast is to expose the people who did not let the parliament work for a single full day'.

    The Congress has countered this with their figures about BJP disrupting around 65% of the Lok Shaba time earlier(2009-2014). They also have presented two program itineraries of the PM and Amit Shah both scheduled to have breakfast and lunch respectively. Thanks to social media, the BJP have clarified that it was an old program list.

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    Indian politics is funny with funny politicians who are not efficient to rule the country but to blame each other. BJP was worse than Congress and Congress is worse than BJP. Such fasting by the PM is not warranted. He should have acted differently against the opposition parties.
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