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    Then I feel like I am in the lap of Mother nature

    The life which we are living today(mostly in the metro Cities) is something which is more robotic then natural. Since morning to evening or say till we sleep, our life run around with more mechanical devices, tools than having direct connection with nature. I too became the part of this crowd and slowly forgetting my relationship with mother nature until my body started giving me some negative signs.

    I am born in small town where my most of the day activities spend on the open play ground, where I used to throw my body here and there, jumping, running bare foot, playing outdoor games. It was a sudden break in my life style when I had to move out from my home town. I lived in Delhi/Kolkata/Chennai and now in Mumbai. Got busy in job so much that could not able to look back.

    Now, after so many years, I have started my sports activity again. Fortunately I got such beautiful place to exercise in the morning. Where people avoid to lay on grass just because their cloth may become dirty, I throw my body on the grass, lay on my back looking at the open sky and remembering my childhood days. And, then I feel like I am in the lap of mother nature. Closing my eyes and getting blessed from her. This is my morning one hour relationship with mother nature which I got back after so many years.
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    The author of the thread has reminicised about his past and beautifully described the importance and significance of being close to the mother nature. However, I could not decipher as to what is the point about which we are supposed to held discussions.

    The ratio of population and area of open space available is abysmally low in metro cities. Still those who are lucky to have a place to live near parks etc. can afford the luxury of get the blessings of mother nature.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Like this & even before this submission, keep me on all the time & I want to speak & on & on. This is the very experience that we shared earlier also.

    What the author has concerned of is the changing life style & the growing differences between the rural & the metro cities. The time doesn't remained so in these years & is fast changing. This is in context to anything which results in the changing demography which further impacting the reduction of the natural vegetation. Only a few years back wherein we used to see the river flowing but is evident of bricks structure standing there. May be we have lost in our mind the significance of the nature & am afraid of that the time we will come to know its importance it would be too late to go back.

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    #633379 Kailash Kumar,
    We share our thought and experience here. It is not necessary that we have to discuss each and every post. Sometimes we need to feel the content too. What I have posted here, not mean to discuss, it is just my experience with nature is what I have posted.

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    It is true people losing contact with nature. They spend in AC rooms and AC cars only. The physical exercise they do also inside a gym with AC. I remember my childhood days when we used to have our folding cot outside the house in an open area where we will enjoy the breeze from the trees and light from the stars. Every day morning close the cot put in the place. The one-hour we spend on the cot without sleeping will give us a chance to enjoy the nature. These days nobody sleeps in the open like this. This is true even in villages these days. We used to walk to the shore of the Godavari river and sit with our friends chit chatting and at the same time, the music of rhythmic river flowing will keep us happy. Everyday early morning going into the paddy fields was making us so happy and the whole day we used to spend with a positive bent of mind. But if we talk these issues no one will believe.
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    So nice to see the author connecting with the nature at least for one hour daily and thus making full use of what the nature can give the best to us. By laying on grass and seeing the night sky is also one of the best experience in rural areas. As in cities we cannot see the 360 degrees view of the sky dotting with so many stars, such a wonderful feeling and view can only be got in the villages where in there is no pollution, clear sky and above all no disturbance or obstruction from any sky rise buildings or any structure as such. I feel great and also connect with the author in appreciating the nature.
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    When we are living in the metro cities we are more congested with the busy traffic and not able to have a fresh breath in the air. When we come to our old home we feel relaxed and more comfortable. Our nature has good effects on healing our problems and makes it ready to start a fresh life. Every year it is good to take some leave from our busy schedules and must take some time to spend with our parents in the native village.
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    I am delighted that the author has again been trying to establish contact with Mother Nature. It is true that in our hectic daily life, we have almost forgotten what Mother Nature provides to us. I also miss the forests, the greenery of Bengal, the trees, the plants and green grass. So, whenever I get the opportunity, I, like the author, lie down on the beautiful carpet of lush green grass at Nehru Park, which is very close to our present residence.

    I immensely like this beautiful tread from the author. It attracts all of us towards Mother Nature.

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    I can just link with the author on what he has experienced. In Bangalore, space is a premium but we are lucky to have a few well-known lung spaces in the city within reach. Once a week, when we visit these huge parks, kids just roll over, run, slide, sleep on the clean grassy areas, at such place, people have a good chance to forget about the devices etc and focus on the garden, trees, flowers, and birds and truly connect with nature. What I do is on a Sunday, whenever possible, be early at a time when the joggers and exercise crowd is finishing and the visitors are arriving, we leisurely walk around or sit down, I take some pictures of the flowers, water body, and birds. All in all a very pleasant experience.

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