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    ISC forum is boring without any interesting activity to participate and enjoy

    Respected ISC and Members,
    As of now, ISC is extremely boring without any interesting activity like competition, active GD, contests, quiz and puzzles. One or two things should go on at ISC like a chain. What is there today to participate and enjoy except the boring normal threads?

    ISC ME should ensure to have some interesting activity 24x7.

    Members, what do you say?
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    I don't believe that this is boring.

    As I have come to know that this got different other sections wherein we can contribute too. In addition, & as I am not able to login for much longer but for whatever time possible I do find interesting submissions & topics wherein I also can add to my comments too.

    Just need to check the vast sections you want to be interested to & go ahead with your jobs.

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    In addition to the above, I would also like to add that there are competitions also & that if we are chosen then few bucks are also added along with the points too.

    I do feel that so far this remains good.

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    At the out set we cannot say that ISC is boring. Those who are habituated to writing responses and raising posts, they are doing so with much interest and belonging. However there has been lull in this site since long time as there are no activities as suggested by the author. By the way the author can think and start a competition and of course the site would support and the members would participate. But again the new competition should be attractive and it must induce the new members also to participate in large numbers. And you have creative mind which can be used to start new fun and play threads forthwith.
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    Mr. SuN: The Members of ISC have different interests. I raise some threads as per my own interest. These threads are neglected/avoided by those Members who don't have interest on these subject. Similarly, your favourite subjets may not interest others. But, it seems that most of the Members like and can discuss politics. That is the reason behind so many political threads (which you may find boring).
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    I may not say only competitions or contests are only entertaining but raising threads for discussion in a good manner will also add flavour to the section. After a long gap, I am here for past 15 days continuously and observed the following. WIth a mere rule of 10 days old thread to be answered some people are really answering with a count of 10 days and afterward there is no room for discussion and that will be the last response of that thread and as the date is crossed next day with 10 days, the editor has to lock the thread. I do not know why members wanted to put their response (maybe for the points tally!). Also, I got a doubt whether these people are testing editors whether they are doing their duty of locking or not? For AE, we can accept any answer will be added weight to the said question whereas in the forum it lost its charm if someone simply put their response as last for the 10 days old thread and I agree if a member is new to the site and there may be chances of interest to put their response. Members can check that with the recent threads raised by members on 1st, 2nd April as 11th April and 12th April may be the last day to respond and the response above to the last response would have a gap of at least 5 to 6 days. In that way, those who are active are really bored to see the threads again as these threads would be active and present in first page for initial 2 to 3 days of its raising. Editors may look into it.
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    Despite the statistical facts that presently there are total 919642 registered members of ISC, less than 50 members are active in the forum section on regular basis.

    Some of such members are active since last many years including the author of this thread. Since , all the ISCians are human beings they have only finite imagination and intellectual capacity. Therefore repetition of same or similar thoughts is bound to occur periodically. Still a handful of us are keeping the hearth of forum section burning because it is our own choice.

    The factors which amuse us vary from person to person. One may feel happy and content simply by increasing his/her member rank or level by accumulating more and more points though the other might have got saturated with such factors and looking for something exciting or dramatic or controversial to derive pleasure.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    ISC is not boring but more interest can be brought in by many members participating. If we answer a thread after 10 days we will not get any points. Only people who don't know this rule especially new members will do that. The Editors clearly told many times saying that the members should be careful and practically it is not possible to lock the threads after 10days. But sometimes an active member may not be able to respond for a couple days and by the time he comeback, there will be many threads to which he can respond. So he will get them out to the first page and fresh threads will go to the second page. It is not that serious. But how to bring more members to the site and how to make more interesting can be seen by the concerned top people.
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    During the last two or three months, I used to be away from my home , on travel, many times.
    As I access ISC only from my desktop PC, I could not be active during those days. Apart from that I am having some other engagements which also makes my presence in ISC somewhat irregular.

    So when I return after a few days absence and see some interesting threads I may respond to them and it may happen that some of them may be a week old or so. I am not sure as I have not reviewed them.
    As such feeling boring or interesting are just relative based on one's own interests and other engagements and occupations.

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    I think it's time for Mr.SuN to come up with another story contest or picture or at least a Jallikattu? I don't think it's very boring, we just need to keep the sections ticking as per our choice and desire. I like the forum and hence stay in forum whenever time permits.

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    Yeah, you are correct. I feel there should be restriction on member when they come up with typed contents. A member keep on coming with the same politics related post with supporting same ideology. And a member keep posting on human behaviours. The problem is to us more than admin, we too should think before posting a thread whether are we posting something new and creative?

    As long as typed thread are allowed by some particular member, the forum may not look interesting. However, here I don't support the idea of having Quiz/contest/GD 24/7.

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    Mr. Jeet Singh: I agree to your view to some extent. But finding Forum threads interesting/boring depends upon a particular Member's own area of interest. What I find interesting may be boring to other Members. If a Member finds a thread boring, he/she will post an irrelevant response or won't respond. I have found this in respect of my own threads.

    However, it is generally found that topic on politics elicits responses in greater numbers. So many Members post threads directly or indirectly linked with contemporary politics.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    True Partha, I am not opposing here to anyone or any thread but providing my own opinion.

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