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    Don't allow everything to be viral, else learn a leaf from it!

    With the advent of Social media, it is very happy that the world has come closer, we can chat with everyone and we can share our views. But unfortunately, the same social media is becoming base for rumours, sarcasm and personal criticism on celebrities. Such messages become more viral and shared very fast and political parties are trying to take advantage with an ease.

    Today there was a Facebook post about a former Prime Minister with a collage of his photos like paying tributes to the photo of another former Prime Minister, greeting with folded hands to her daughter-in-law, with another still of namaskar posture with her grandson and also another photo of the same posture with the great-grandson too. The caption given was Democracy in India. After lunch, it was trending post in WhatsApp too.

    What message does it give? Why can't you take it in a positive way? The man who greeted in different occasions reached the very heights of life and held so many respectable positions. Yet, he never forgets the traditional values and never displayed the sign of arrogance. Why can't we take such positive clue from it? Why to blame our democracy which has given you more freedom to speak as they like? Let us learn a leaf from it!
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    Really the social media will always assemble the situations at various times and make a group and comment unnecessarily. When he does, at that time what is position and under what circumstances these things happened etc., will not be given. This they interpret as they like.This has become a fashion these days. These days social media is a waste of time only. There is no sanctity of writing there. Believing these things and going by that news will be a mess and we should not take part in propagating such rumours and fake news.
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    The essence of every writing and every image appearing on the social media does have the inner meaning of the respective authors who post them and thus the interpretation of it also varies from person to person. For example I came across a wonderful image of a moon rising far from waters of the ocean and for me it was a mere kiss by the moon to the water and the reflection was so perfect and enchanting, we cannot stop appreciating such images. Now for others it may be a another picture of nature and its beauty and for art lovers they may keep it as their desk top screen saver.
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    The author has a factual concern here but the reason behind trending of anything must also be discussed the same time. If we as a public ignore all those then these will disappear on their own. Only the reason that we like those posts that they continue to exist or else wouldn't have originated even.

    Our situation is so that seemed to have gotten to something for the first time but couldn't able to control the same but carried all through relentlessly to satisfy ourselves in a less possible time. We are doing all these without any conscious of getting its impact on us or on the society as a whole. We just want to do without any other motive.

    But simultaneously seems to be that the whole trend is changing. Although the changes not visible yet but yes the user is slowly having the awareness of the social media & its use. The user is no more interested in getting moved by any fake posting or any fake news. As an outcome we can see that any news channels also going through the authenticity of the news before finally showing on their channels.

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    Mark Zuckerberg and Cambridge Analytica are not the only entities who are deriving benefits from Facebook like social media. The people in the form of users of these systems are also deriving benefits in their own way. Paid jobs are advertised nowadays only for clicking 'likes' on Facebook.

    The political parties have their own media cells in which highly qualified persons are employed from the field of data science, IT, software professionals, content writers and communication specialists. Such professionals create and circulate contents in the media to influence the voters in their favour.

    Many people do it just for the heck of it or for fun or pun.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Today we get many forwards that indirectly or directly carry a message related to politics, life in general. Some of them are heavy on sarcasm and criticism. We are curious about such posts and we open them and view. Perhaps the creators are cashing in on our curiosity with the eye-catchy slogans, one-liners, and sarcasm.

    Yes, we can see it with a positive approach and learn from it. It would entirely depend on the viewers and their mindset.

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    Nowadays it is a trend to share everything without finding its authenticity. We should never post or share any message if we are not sure about its authenticity. In Neemuch district the collector has issued the notice to the admin of 9 groups for such types of incidents. So, we should remember that due to our activities some innocent people may fall in trouble. If you are admin of a group you should warn the members of your group not to send any unauthentic messages. If they do not follow your instruction remove them as soon as possible otherwise you may fall in trouble.
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    One can't have control over it. The best way to put on hold to such messages when it comes to you. It should be our own responsibility whether to forward such message or not. However, not only FB or Whatsapp, the entire internet word is running with so many fake news. Its up to us how we react on it.

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