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    How to become a top level member and earn 3000 from India Study Channel?

    New to ISC and don't know where to start? Get few tips from our members here to know how to proceed in ISC to earn a good monthly income.

    I am a newbie in India Study Channel. I don't understand where to start - in the forum? I want to earn 3000 rupees money per month from this site. Your valuable suggestions are requested. Please give an answer in detail which will help a poor but meritorious student to continue his studies like me. I am B.Sc 1st year student at Jadavpur University right now.
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    First of all, to talk in general,please understand that ISC membership is not an employment with any regular compensation. You should not take it as the main source for your income also. Having said that I do not deny that there are some very less number of members who may be earning some good amount regularly every month. They may be earning this partly from their direct contribution to iSC and partly indirectly through adsense etc on their contribution to ISC.

    To have a very realistic idea on how much you can earn directly from ISC, you may visit the cash credits and awards page (

    From there you can visist the individual memebr's page by clicking on the desired name and on the landing profile page click on 'contributions'.
    You can take a particular period of say one year or one month etc and view how much the member has earned for that period. Accordingly you can make a guess on average earnings.

    For the various earning opportunities in ISC please read 'Ongoing Awards & Rewards in (

    You may get more inputs from the various discussion threads and articles in ISC by searching like 'how to earn money from ISC' in the search box at the top.

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    This was posted earlier in our Ask Expert section instead of the forum. It has been shifted today, so members are welcome to give guidance to Shantanu Bose even though it is dated 30th March.
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    You are a new member on the site. Here on this learn to earn and earn to learn site, you will contribute initially in four sections. First one is the Forum Section. Here it will help you in getting some points and this points will help you in getting revenue share bonus. The second one is ASK EXPERTS Section. In this section, you can answer the questions asked by the persons. If you know the subject and you can advise them on their question. The answer will be scrutinized by the concerned editor and he will award points and Cash Credits based on the quality of your answer. The third one is article section. If you go to the article section and read the articles you will get an idea of how to write an article. The articles submitted by the members will be reviewed by the concerned editor and decide on the suitability. Once they accept the article you will be given points and cc. The fourth section is the job section. Once you go to the job section you will understand how to post a job. If you can give the details as per the format you can post jobs also. Once you have posted a job the concerned editor will review the same and approve the postings. These are the four sections which will be remunerative to you. Before doing all this please go through the help topics and get acquainted with the procedures. You can visit the cash credits and awards section so that you will get a fair idea about the earning amounts.
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    Doing justice with the studies of the first year of B.Sc. at Jadavpur university and at the same time wishing to earn Rs.3000 per month regularly from ISC will be a great challenge.

    Even by devoting minimum 3 to 4 hours daily on ISC, earning on an average @ Rs. 100 is not guaranteed despite the fact that outstanding articles fetch revenue in the range to Rs. 60 to 100 rupees. Learning to write outstanding articles itself requires experience which is likely to take at least few months. Finding topics for writing outstanding articles daily may not be possible. Moreover writing outstanding articles requires a lot of research from various resources which is a time consuming affair.

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    Yes you can certainly be a top level member and can easily earn 3000 per month provided you have the niche to write some good self made articles of lengthy nature with good presentation on some natural topics so that it can earn 100 per article. If two articles are lined up daily, surely you can become the top earner of this site and your target be achieved. Subsequently you can be a mentor and give your expert comments on various questions and issues appended in the Ask Experts section of the site and thus earn good cash credits. Overall earning points and cash can be possible provided you wont get bored perturbed by not getting the write ups approved belatedly due to time taken for the newbies contents , as our editors are duty bound to see each and every line in tow with the posting guidelines and then approve. You keep on writing and participating in various section and the cash credits keep tricking in.
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    Yes Mr. Santanu Bose. It is possible to earn Rs. 3000/- per month easily provided you are a good article writer.
    Try it like this:
    Just spend 2 to 3 hours and write one article per day which would fetch you Rs. 50 and points 50. Thus you would earn Rs. 50x30 =1500/-.
    In addition, the points you earned 50x30 =1500 will be doubled up as 3000, and you will be eligible for a good RSB(Revenue share bonus), say approx Rs. 1500/- .
    It may not be exactly 3000/-, but more or less.
    Wish you all the best.

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    Shantanu-babu! Welcome to ISC. I am really glad to find a student of Jadavpur University joining this platform. Which subject are you studying? Is the Amenity Centre functioning properly? Do the students frequent this popular spot nowadays?

    So far as earning from this site is concerned, I will be brutally frank. If you want to have a regular income of Rs. 3000/- per month from this site, you have to have a very good typing speed and you have to spend at least 6 hours per day on this platform, at least initially. Can you afford to spend so much time?

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    Welcome to ISc, this educational site requires you to spend a good amount of your time to earn around 100 rupees per day. You need to be good in English and be able to write a good article and earn Rs 3000.00/month.
    I would suggest, please follow what my fellow members have said. I hope it works out for you, if not since you are meritorious, have you considered taking tuitions for children close to your home? Parents pay around 500-1000 depending on the class and subject. I would say to be practical, ISc would be a supplement to your aim of Rs 3000/-, I hope you prove me wrong.

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