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    April 13th, a day in Indian History-II

    On April 13,1919 the day became a remarkable in Indian Freedom History. Rowlatt Act was promulgated to control the media,arresting the freedom fighters without interrogation or enquiry. To agitate this on 13thApril 1919 the freedom fighters nearly 1000 in number assembled in a park named Jallian wallah baugh at Amritsar. Heard this, General Tyre headed himself with soldiers blocked all entrances and ordered to fire on them. The assembled without the way to go out started run here and there. Nearly 120 persons died by jumping into a well situated inside. But British Government declared only 379 died. This General Tyre was killed later in 1927 by Uttam singh. This day of massacre in unforgettable day in Indian Freedom War.
    Even today we can see the bullet marks in the Jallian wallah baugh at Amritsar, on the way to Golden Temple.
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    On this 99 th. anniversary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre, I pay my respects to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the independence of India. The sacrifice of the martyrs will be remembered for ever.
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    Another incident that took place on this day of 1919 was brought out very nicely by the author. The incident that took place at Jallian wallah Baugh at Amritsar was studied in our high school history I remember. Again it is the sacrifice made by the people those days has yielded the Independence to our country. We should all pay our respects to the people who lost their lives while fighting with the British. It is our duty to keep this country flag flying high forever as an independent country. A great fight by our people.
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    It was the most tragic incident in our Indian history and every Indian is indebted to pay homage to those dare people who jumped into the death well at Jallianwala baug.
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    The handsome Sardar could never celebrate Baisakhi after this horrible day of the massacre. He traveled many countries and ultimately settled in London. On 13th May, 1940, at Caxton Hall he took revenge. Shahid-e-Azm Sardar Udham Singh killed Sir Michael Francis O'Dwyer, GCIE, KCSI, who had ordered the killing of more than one thousand innocent men, women and children. The complete story may be found here:-
    He was no longer haunted by nightmares.

    On this painful day, I pay homage to the departed souls at Jalianwalla Bagh and also to Sardar Udham Singh, who did take revenge for the massacre.

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    Jallianwala bagh massacre was one the most shameful acts by the British soliders/Empire on people in India. Thanks to the author for bringing out two important parts of Indian history on this day.

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    I am thankful to the author, Mr. Pattabiraman, for bringing this day's importance in those freedom struggle days. Jalian wallah Baugh was a name first heard in school days. But the name very often came up later in mind because of the cruelty involved in the incidence.
    Later years after when got a chance to visit all these historically important place I really felt the cruelty behind the action. The markings of the bullebullets on the wall are still there marked with circles. The well wherein the dead or live bodies were packed also invited different types of emotions. Those are the red markings showing us how was the actual independence struggle.


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    Jallianwala Bagh massacre was the most shameful event in Indian history. Unofficially 1000 people have died and 2000 people were injured in that incident. Due to the revenge of this incident, Udham Singh murdered General Dyre.
    I show my respect to all the people who sacrificed their lives in that event.

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