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    How do you feel when someone throws muck at you but you can't respond?

    You are sitting with others. A discussion is going on. You humbly submit your opinion. Immediately some people get together, ridicule you because your opinion is different from their own, and throw muck at you. When you challenge them, these cowards ride a car and flee. How do you feel at that time?

    I am feeling just like you. I am enraged. Some people threw muck at me in public platform and fled. Why did they do this? Because I did not blindly support their view. Because I expressed my own independent opinion.

    But I am waiting. At the first available opportunity, I will return the muck to those people with interest at a very high rate.
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    It depends on the individual concerned. Most probably 100% people will not retaliate immediately or wait for the next possible opportunity to pay back.

    Few will forget the incidence totally and will be cautious in future lest the incidence is repeated.

    I remember having read somewhere the psycology of people who instead of taking the bull by horn, throw something, be it a bomb or muck and flee. Such people are basically cowards who believe in venting their frustrations in such cowardly manner.

    Also, there is a big class of people who act only verbally though flee away when the actual occasion to hit back arises. Such people spit fire while sitting in the comfort of their home but their bravado and braggadocio is only perfunctory and superficial in nature.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Kailash Kumar: Alas! There is no other alternative on the platform except sitting in the comfort of home and spitting fire. There is no chance of coming into physical contact with those who throw verbal muck.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It's a free country, we are free to express our views, people may not agree with it, that's exactly a debate or a discussion is all about. I would say something that makes perfect sense to me but it would be utter nonsense to you. But what's important is, our views about a subject should not impact the respect I have for you and vice-versa, we should also not allow it to become personal.

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    This thread though appears to be of general nature, I don't want to beat around the bush and let me play straight. Anyone who follows the Forum for the last couple of days can quite understand that this is the sequel to the happenings in this thread. It appears you are under the impression that you are awarded 'minus' points for your responses in the thread and also the thread was locked by some Editor whom you presume always. It's not true as already mentioned by the ME earlier and any Forum Editor can take a decision. In this instant case, the first response of yours was deleted by ME herself while you have posted the saved copy again with a sarcastic comment which is not fair. The second response was deleted by me and sensing lead of unwarranted discussions about a sensitive issue, I have decided to lock the thread even without discussing with ME who was online at that point of time.

    It is an online interaction and we have to respect the views shared by others also. It is a fervent appeal to all to avoid personal criticism and confine to the point of discussion. You can express your view in your own way but repeatedly instigating/poking the other end with your sarcastic comments would surely make them provoke to respond bitter which is not congenial to the Forum. This is applicable to everyone and my comments are not aimed at you. I wanted to clear off your mind; that's why I responded here.


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    The biggest challenge before every one of us that we have to face the brunt of muck when we participate in public platform and for that we must be fine tune our mind before hand to face the worst criticism and even try to retard with our own way of explanation. But sometimes we are not heard and that proves we made the point very blank and that made them to run away and hide. It is the win situation for us when we raise a question or give different reply and for others they cannot digest our response and thus run away. This has been happening to every one and you are feeling and taken into heart.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Patro: I am afraid you are economical with the truth. Please go through my responses in the earlier thread and let me know whether my first response (which is not deleted) contains any derogatory comment to any Member, or not. I would like to see your opinion about the ''Shame Partha'' comment. No, I am not at all ashamed of my views because I have reached to that conclusion on my own after studying thousands and thousands of pages of literature, newspaper reports and documentary evidence, and not because of the influence of any political party (which many of you tend to believe). You may intimate this to the Member who dared to make this comment.

    ''It is an online interaction and we have to respect the views shared by others also.''-Did other Members follow your guidance in that particular thread? Please check.

    Further, I am no longer bothered about minus points. In fact, I am going to propose the Editors to deduct 500 points in advance from my accumulated points and adjust my negative points from that corpus.

    My problem is that I didn't get the opportunity to submit my position in this case. Now, I will do it part by part by raising different threads.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I concur with the views expressed by Partha at least to the extent that award of negative points doesn't matter at all in all cases. After all what is the material value of points? The authors are not children to become obsessed with the points and get perturbed by its snatching away.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Partha, there is an old saying - "old habit die hard". This is not the first time happening we have seen the series of such happening. The same old attitude is one can say anything which they want because they have some power but if the same thing is said to them, the post get deleted. I find nothing new in it, no matter how much clarity to put on in this matter.

    The said thread in which our Lead editor Patro who is honest enough to put forth his view, It would be very nice if he could answer my question. In the said thread response no - 63337713 by another Lead Editor the direct comment is - "Shame Partha". This is not the first time he has come up with such word. For a minute, keep a side whether Partha's point was negative or positive, was it necessary to the Lead editor to jump on the thread when the ME already looking into the matter? Secondly, why he jump on the member whom he does not like? I have not seen him his reaction this way to another member when someone tagg "vulture" to someone? Thirdly, will he allow us if we too comment him with the "shame " word? I am sure then the entire team will run to delete that post! No?

    The end part is the editor feel anything to post or comment but when it return to them they are not able to digest. How long will this continue? Or do you have any control on such Lead Editor?

    I am honestly need the answer from Mr. Patro,

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    In an open platform, we should be ready to take and digest the comments of the other as long as it is not out of the contest and not personal. I especially feel that when we are discussing a point we should keep our affiliation aside and discuss purely on the merits and demerits of the point. But what is happening om some of the public forums instead of substantiating their view with reasons which made them come to the conclusion, the matter is misleading intentionally from some people. This is where all the problems come. As long as we are true to our values and we believe to the core that our opinions are stronger and more realistic than others we need not worry at the comments of the others. We can readjust and have a smile and leave it. Then the issue will get closed and it will not flare up. It is my independent opinion on any issue and somebody may feel that not answering the argument of the other be our defeat. No, we need not always compete with people who don't give importance to other's points. This will make the life easy.
    always confident

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    Mr. Jeet Singh: The thread mentioned by Mr. Patro was allowed to remain till such time I challenged the contention of the author and the Members supporting the author. As soon as I challenged their contention, the thread was locked but not deleted, so that the contrarian view is not read by others.

    On the other hand, when I raised a thread clarifying my points which I could not express due to locking of the previous thread, my thread was deleted within ten seconds (yes, ten seconds) with the following comments: "The case is in the investigation stage and so it would be prudent to wait before arriving at any conclusion. Let us not be in a hurry to save or punish someone.'' The Editor never thought about investigation process, etc. when the earlier thread was allowed.

    This proves beyond doubt the impartiality of the Editors. Such impartial people!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha, the sad part is, people question about other's potential but they forget to calculate whether they have the potential for the work they are in! hypocrite peoples are everywhere and ISC is no different.

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