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    Beauty (of a contract) lies in the eyes of the beholder

    We all have signed or entered into a contract at some point in time. Be it a job, a home on rent, a service offered or availed.

    Contracts remain the best real thing to a cast iron guarantee of terms and conditions. For instance. Each party feels happy after signing the contract, secretly contended that they have the upper hand.

    On one hand, the tenant is happy that he has got the advance, the rent amount and the duration entered clearly. With the same contract, on the other hand, the owner is happy that he has mentioned the clause regarding the rent hike, painting and potential damages borne by the tenant etc.

    With a job contract, the employee is happy to see the basic, DA, TA, holidays etc mentioned including the temporary and permanent periods. Similarly, the employer is secretly happy to have the clauses like 'changes would be made from time to time' this basically means, changes can be made to the working hours, payment plans, notice period etc.

    I was just wondering about the beauty of the contract. The same content, the same pages yet how can the two key parties in agreement be happy? that's secret of a contract, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
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    Ha ha, Natrajan, beautiful contents. Yes, for such contact, I just want to say that when you have no option, you agree with the terms and conditions which comes on your way. Its not about being happy but compromising with the situations.

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    A contract is always should be acceptable to the parties involved in making that contract implemented. So naturally, the points from both the sides should be included in the contract. Otherwise, the contract will be onesided and may not have legal validity. But getting the terms wanted makes the party happy. Such way before entering into the contract both the parties will sit together and come to an understanding. Then they will finalise the issue. Here everybody will have the satisfaction of getting their points included. But in some cases of employment, the employer will have the advantage as the other side person may be seriously looking for a job. In such case, some of the clauses may not look beautiful to the employee but he has to sign the document under compulsion. But for a specialist, it will be the other way round. He will not sign the agreement unless otherwise his demands are met as he is a specialist and the employer is more after him.
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    Another word for contract is agreement which is more revealing. It clearly signifies that there is an agreement between the two parties. I remember having read that Muslim marriages are also a type of contract which outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom and bride.

    Contract or agreements are legal documents and are backed by the law of the land. Contracts of important nature like property documents and marriages etc. are registered also in the Registrar office.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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