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    Is there no life in medical profession?

    I have heard many people saying that there is no life in medical profession while talking about choosing a career. Of course, here by life they mean social life or family life instead of medical life or biological life.

    It is true that the devoted doctors sacrifice their personal life in the interest of serving humanity. Many find no time to participate in all social functions even in their family circle. They may have to perform a surgery during odd hours and get a call to attend a serious patient during midnight.

    What are your observations in this regard? Is there no life in medical profession?
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    In the current scenario, the medical profession has it's like being suffocated.

    Even in the late 1970s and early 1980s, medicine was a noble profession wherein what the doctor said was gospel truth and it was in most cases.Even though, Indian health care system was not very advanced ( when compared to now), most of the work was by medical college hospitals, big government hospitals, and few 'cottage nursing homes/hospitals'. In this time, doctors had respect, patients had trust and care was affordable to an extent. Violence against doctors was a rare occurrence and doctors had some social and family life.

    Then came a series of blows for which, I think the medical profession will take a long time to recover or regain its old glory. The blows were, the emergence of corporate hospitals, a sudden influx of technology and medical colleges, the growing commercialization and financial profitability of healthcare, doctors bending the rules and patient families bending or breaking doctors arms/legs, the widespread use of 'google doctor' by patients and families.

    Today, everything and anything that a doctor does evokes a suspicion in the minds of people. We want the best care but are not prepared to pay the price (that we normally pay for anything else). We want every other industry sector to be profitable, yet frown when hospitals go beyond profits. We never question the margin of profit on a Starbucks coffee or a branded Lewis Jeans but question the margins in healthcare.

    Just because doctors deal with human lives and is very emotional, we are still unable to see them as human beings too, who can make mistakes, who can have the desire or at times greed to earn and like a mathematical formula, we want doctors to treat and give results always. All this has led to a tremendous amount of strain and stress among doctors, the families especially the newer generations who are under intense scrutiny, risk verbal and physical abuse.

    So, many liked minded parents and doctors do not want their children to become doctors in India. Hopefully in a few years time, when we have a shortage of good specialists, things would change and the medical profession will see sunny days and doctors will have a life too,

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    Yes sometimes one has to compromise many things to stick to a profession and the medical ethics force a doctor to follow the rules strictly and adhere to the fact that they are at the disposal for twenty four hours and that is the essence of the great doctors. It does not mean that they do not enjoy their life. Experienced doctors do have a team of good doctors very reliable and work as expected and thus head doctors wont have much work to attend and simply guide the associates. However they keep constant watch on the happenings and do visit the patients operated upon and see the post operative challenges .
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The profession of a doctor is entirely different from that of an engineer, manager or technocrat as the doctor deals in alive beings while the latter category is managing non-living entities.

    The responsibility of a doctor and his nature of work are very challenging and he can not enjoy life like other normal jjob holders. Especially the life of a surgeon is totally dedicated to operation theatres and patient rooms.

    There was a time and still some people believe that the job of a doctor is comparable to the level of God, the almighty.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Actually, a doctor is next to God. The God created us and the doctor is taking care of our health problems and making us live long happily. In earlier days patients used respect doctors and doctors used to respect their profession. I remember days when a doctor going to the patient's house in a village and treating him without expecting anything in return. Those days the villagers used to respect him. Slowly the trend is changed.
    The doctor profession has become commercial and it has become an industry called health industry wherein everything will be counted as profit and loss. The emergence of Corporate hospitals made the doctors more commercial and that made the patients lose their respect towards the doctors.
    Medicinal courses are becoming costly and the expenditure for getting a master's degree in this subject is costing heavily. So a doctor is started thinking how to get back his money. So he is becoming a machine revolving 24 hours and earning money. So the doctor's don't have life except for earning,

    always confident

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