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    How long have I to wait?

    The first one I wrote on 19th March, 2018. The second, third and fourth ones were written on 22nd, 28th and 30th March. I wrote these from my personal experience and also consulting many available materials (in Bengali and English). But when after almost three weeks, these are not reviewed, I feel tensed thinking that these will be rejected on some flimsy grounds. So, I stop posting in that Section.

    I humbly request the concerned Editor to review the following updates in his spare time:-

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    The updates will be reviewed soon. You do not need to stop contributing just because earlier ones are not yet reviewed. Each update is reviewed independently so just because an update is deleted if at all, it does not imply that all subsequent ones will be deleted too.

    Also, kindly do not insult editors by saying that something is rejected on "flimsy" grounds. Posts are rejected for valid reasons and not on insubstantial grounds. Have some modicum of respect for the hard work the editorial team does. Healthy criticism is acceptable, not flimsy fault-finding.

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    Yes, I have observed that there is a delaying in the review of information update section. Some of my posts are also not reviewed for a long time. In the starting of the march my post was reviewed within a couple of days but after 14 march it is delaying. Hope the review will be done soon. I am also waiting for the alerts of my post in information update section.
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    All the pending four Updates have been reviewed. I thank the ME for her intervention.
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