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    'Vilambi Nama Samvasara puthaandu Vazhthugal" Happy Tamil New year's day to all.

    Please join me to wish all the Tamilians , Punjabis on the occasion of their new year's day which is called Vilambi Nama Samvasaram. Today Baisaki is also celebrated across the country as the new year day for the Punjabis. From today new beginning is made as every star and the people belonging to each Raasi would be knowing their position of good and bad periods up to April 13th next year. All the temples would be agog with special poojas and rituals to mark the occasion of new year and also reciting of Panchaang for the year for all the Raasis.
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    I congratulate all the Tamil people of the world on the happy and auspicious occasion of Tamil New Year. I congratulate all my Panjabi brethren on the occasion of Baisakhi.

    I am eagerly waiting for Bangla 'Poila Baisakh' tomorrow.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Wishing you all my Tamil friend a very happy and successful NEW YEAR.

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    This is to send my sincere best wishes to all Tamilians and Panjabis across the globe on their new year's day. I wish them a glorious and peaceful year ahead. I wish all the best in the year to come.
    always confident

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    There are following types of New Years falling today or tomorrow -

    1. Assamese New Year or Bohag Bihu - Assam
    2. Bengali New Year,or Pohela Boishakh - West Bengal
    3. Hindu and Sikh New Year, or Baisakhi - Punjab
    4. Tamil New Year or Puthandu - Tamil Nadu
    5. Maithili New Year,or Jude Sheetal - Mithila region
    6. Malayali New Year or Vishu - Kerala
    7. Oriya/Odia New Year or Pana Sankranti - Odisha
    8. Tuluva New Year or Bisu - Karnataka
    9. Mahl New Year or Alathu Aharudhuvas - Maldives and India's Lakshadweep and Kerala state
    10. Khmer New Year or Chol Chnam Thmey - Cambodia
    11. Burmese New Year or Thingyan - Burma
    12. Lao New Year or Pi Mai Lao - Laos
    13. Nepali New Year or Nababarsha - Nepal
    14. Sinhalese New Year or Aluth Avurudhu - Sri Lanka
    15. Thai New Year or Songkran, celebrated from 13 to 15 April - Thailand

    I wish all the best and Happy New Year to all of us.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Wishing all the fellow IScians Happy New Year. May the year be filled with joy and prosperity.

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    As Kailash Kumar noted Today/Tomorrow are celebrations of festivals across the country for people at many states.
    In fact though the traditional New Year starts today for Malayalis , as the astrological timing of change to new month(Sankrama) occurs after sunrise, the 'Vishu Kani' is observed tomorrow, because the 'Kani' or the first sight after waking up should be in the new Month of Medam(Mesha Rasi) corresponding to Chithirai in Tamil.

    My greetings to all ISCians on their respective festivals and auspicious day- today and/or tomorrow.

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    Yesterday was the last day of Assamese calendar. Assamese celebrated Goru Bihu on that day. This signifies the respect the Assamese people show to the cows. Today is the first day of Assamese New Year. Today is Bohag Bihu.

    Tomorrow the Bengalis will celebrate Bengali New Year Poila Baisakh (actually it is the date and month pronounced together). However, the Bangladeshis tampered the Bengali calendar needlessly during the Ershad regime in 1980s and they celebrated Poila Baisakh today.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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