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    Coming abreast with crossroads in life.

    We pray and do our best to ensure that life goes on smoothly and we have a stable family life, career in income.

    Yet, sometimes, life throws in a curve ball at some of us. A seemingly good life begins to derail. Jobs can be under threat, promotions denied or even jobs lost. Pay hike and dues do not reach in time, expenses mount on. Some have to suffer a financial loss, emotional or a personal loss.

    In short, at times we can find ourselves at crossroads in life. A difficult, challenging but an important phase in life, because at the crossroad we need to find the right way. We need to pause, think and decide instead of rushing in blindly into any of the options. Because at these crucial times, our mind wavers and wishes to give up early.

    With trust in self and Almighty, marshaling our reserves, seeking help and advise from family and well-wishers, we have to explore the other options and then move on in the direction that suits us most at that difficult time in life.

    So, whenever we find ourselves or people close to us at crossroads, instead of being overwhelmed by the vagaries of life, we need to slow down, get replenish our reserves of trust, hope and support and then head on from crossroads into a new road that in time will become our road in life for success.
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    True. In our life, we may be coming across such situations and how we react and behave will decide our next phase of life. Some people will get perplexed and they get too much emotional and get into worst from bad. Byt no one should get tensed at those times and take time to analyse the situation to understand where the mistake lies. Once we know the reason we can rectify and travel in a correct path. But if we get confused and do silly mistakes it may cost us heavily. So it is also advisable to have a discussion on the issue with our trusted friends, family members and others whom we fill will help us and then take a meaningful route from the crossroads. When we are at a crossroad talking correct road will make us reach our destination safe and fast. The same rule applies to life also.
    always confident

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    The life is not actually the smooth sailing component of lifespan. Instead, only the rough part of it, deserves to be called as life.

    But the beauty of life lies in the fact that troughs and crests come alternatively.
    There will no trough either preceded and followed by a crest and there will be no crest which is not preceded and followed by a trough.

    The vagaries of life had baffled the intellectuals in the past also as a part of evolution of mankind and they had evolved concepts like 'fate' and 'luck' which are almost universally popular with slight modifications here and there.

    There is always a reason to be happy during the rough phase in the sense that the next phase is bound to be the better one.

    It will go on as it is. Humans cannot change the course of life. Though few of them end it early but no one has ever been able to extend it. Whatever happens naturally has to be accepted and lived as life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Every now & then we find ourselves surrounded by the circumstances that we need to take care of. This could be the financially or could be in context with our relationship with others. The life becomes so that we continue our fighting till our last breath but still not finding satisfied but always on compromising basis.

    It's not knew that we are not perfect so the decisions taken by us also are not perfect. We can't make everyone happy with a decision so many would be not ok with our moves.

    It's good if we do come to know the facts of life & the various relationships. We are all in some way related to each other & that these all are the results of our own actions.

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    Those who are accustomed to contain and control the problems in life are surely having good days and life ahead as they are habituated to face any situation in life and for them challenges are like cake walks and no problem. And being at the cross roads of life is the win situation. You can choose any of the four ways and proceed. But again it all depends on your past experience in life. If you again choose a wrong way from the cross road, then you are alone responsible for your destiny. And if good road of progress is chosen, then you are second to none. That way one gets into happiness of life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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