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    Accountability towards work will make officials with more dedication

    Hats off to Delhi State government rule which made accountable every officer of the Municipality who would be responsible to keep the city clean free from Mosquito bites and there by getting numerable diseases to the public. Officers henceforth cannot escape with show off works on mosquito menace, they are accountable and even be jailed if mosquito related cases are reported from any area. That should be the eye opener for officials who think that they are no one to question them. So accountability for every action taken by official must be with a rider either to perform or perish.
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    The difference between a public sector organisation and a private sector organisation lies here only. The onus of running a private organisation successfully be on the Managing Director of the company and he is answerable to the Board of Directors. SImply showing the problems and showing the losses are not acceptable here. The MD is accountable for every paise spend and every paise earned. But in public sector companies, MDs are not completely responsible for the Organisation. They can show the loss and ultimately government may close the organisation but the man at the helm of the affairs will not have a problem. So It is always better to shift the onus of the act to the executor so that it is his responsibility to make it successful. What are the issues and how to tackle them is his headache? This approach only will make a man successful.
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    Accountability is not a newly discovered phenomenon. Without accountability no organisation can function except perhaps government departments. There are government employees who boast about their fat salary without having any accountability on their part.

    I have read somewhere that in certain departments where there is very good extra income, there are employees who have not taken even a single day casual rule in their entire career spanning over up to 40 years. At the same time in other departments, where there is no extra income, no stone is left unturned for remaining absent from duty first by exhausting all kinds of leave followed by unauthorised absenteeism.

    Today only there was a news report in the morning dailies of Lucknow that the operators of fogging machines are vying with each other for duty because per day there is extra income of 2-3 thousands rupees per head by saving petrol/diesel quota allocated for operating such machines.

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    Glad to hear this but ' would even be jailed if mosquito related cases are reported' won't be possible because, these seasonal illness spread by mosquitoes etc cannot not be prevented, it can be contained in the sense that a reduction in the number of cases can be acheieved, but not to zero.

    Accountability and the fate of one's job are two important things that positively influence the performance of the firm or a department. The Government departments are also changing because the under performing sector would realize that if the efficiency does not improve then there would be the threat of privatization and loss of jobs.

    There are many examples of similar situations wherein lack of accountability has led to the slow demise of the great public sector industries. Take for instance the fall of the Maharajaha of India 'Air India'. I wish the banking sector had such rules.

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    I agree with Mr. Natarajan. However, in this connection, I would like to state another aspect. In Delhi, municipal corporation officers and employees work under the four different municipal corporations which are run by another party which is different from the state ruling party. So, I think that this matter as reported is not fully true, and if it is true, it is another 'drama-baazi' of drama-loving Chief Minister of Delhi.
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