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    Pride throws you off the pinnacle of success

    It is enough being modest I thought
    When onto pinnacle of success I got
    I screamed out loud my name from here
    For the whole world out there to hear.
    From nowhere appeared a baby behind me
    And I thought on this mountain I am lonely
    The baby begged me to make it sit on my head
    I couldn't refuse the cute baby. I did as it said.
    As soon as it sat, my head felt incredibly heavy.
    I lost my balance and fell off the pinnacle of success.
    My internals churned and I suffered a dozen injuries
    The baby was fine. "Pride" was the name of that baby.
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    I disagree. Pride does not throw you off the peak of success. Self-conceit and vanity do. Pride is never heavy but something which rests with honour on your head. It gives you a deep and abiding sense of fulfilment, of having achieved something, of having done something well through honesty, genuine effort & sincerity. Take good care of that "baby" and it will grow & help you develop better, achieve further successful goals.

    So one should know the difference between pride and worthless self-flattery. Then one will know the difference between them and not identify them as twins.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    A nice way of presenting a fact. Don't feel proud of your success. Your success should make you more humble and more down to earth. Then only you can withstand your place attained by your success. Many people will also be trying like you in this world to attain success and they may be giving you a tough time. Always you should be a learner and you should get updated to retain your position. Yesterday you may be on the top. With that thinking, you need not feel that you are above all, tomorrow somebody else will come and displace you from the top to the next level or down to any level. This is the rule of the life and everyone should keep this in mind as they go on climbing the ladder. But there is nothing wrong with feeling great about the success and you can be always happy and give a good presentation to all about your success.
    always confident

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    Good thoughts Aditya, the pinnacle of success varies from person to person, I've seen school peons stay in the same school for ages and when we drop by years later, with pride they say my son too is a doctor, my daughter is a engineer in Australia. I'm very happy when I see such people who are quietly in the background and do not have much in life to show for. But they do have pride when they tell others about their achievements.

    My father, never misses a chance to say to others with pride that his son was abroad for years on a job assignment or his grandson was born in a foreign country. For you and me, it's a very simple matter, but for him this is what he has to talk of/tell about in life because, life gave him limited honest chances and legal resources.

    So, I would saw have pride, you have to be proud of what you do, what you have achieved big or small but do not be arrogant or let the success change you like how a chameleon changes colors, because then you are bound to fall off the mountain.

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    Sure. Pride doesn't topple you. But letting pride sit on your head does. Letting pride work on your thoughts does.
    Thank you members for appreciating.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The lesson one can learn from submission that we should not feel head strong over a achievement or even reaching the tip of the top. That over enthusiasm and the over excitement some times bring sad moments immediately to which every one was not accustomed. That is why those who are rich and sustaining their richness through out the life wont boast of their wealth and then get back fired by the life. No doubt , every one should aim the top but not every one would reach it. Just now I read the news that a Arya Vysya student as topped the Intermediate first year with state rank and he was ably rewarded. Now that boy should not feel head strong and pursue the study in normal way so that he gets the same success in second year too. One thing is sure , those who are consistent performer, they need not worry at all.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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