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    Editors, Please delete this duplicate 'draft' of my article

    I have recently written an article on best tips to deliver a great presentation. During the drafting, this article, a duplicate copy of this article was created automatically during saving. Editors, can you please remove
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    Your drafts aren't visible to others so why bother. Let it be. It would be of no use as you have published the article but drafts can be left that way.
    Members can only view your works when you publish them. Your drafts can only be viewed when you publish them. Well that's pretty much what I know about drafts.
    So don't worry. Let them be.

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    The needful has been done. What you can do henceforth is simply replace the draft with an entirely new article and leave a note for the editors that you have done so, requesting them to accordingly change the file name of the fresh article to match the new title.

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