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    Global Policing by superpowers

    On 7th April 2018, Douma in Syria came under an alleged chemical attack when the Assad regime was battling the rebels in the city.

    After preliminary reports has suggested the use of chemical like chlorine and sarin gas, today the US joined by France and England have launched percision attacks against areas in Syria.

    This brings back memories of 'WMD' weapons of mass destruction claim in 2003 against Iraq that led to the Iraq invasion/war by US and UK.

    Now, the collateral damage, retaliation will start. The important question that needs to be asked is whether such Global Policing by superpowers should be allowed or not?

    Should the UNSC take the lead and warn or authenticate the action against the erring governments committing atrocities on civilians.
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    What the UNSC is going to do in this issue when the UN itself is controlled by those handful of so called super powers which are erring throwing the human values to the wind. Countries like India and other like minded nations should join hands and prevent such overtures by the super powers in the name of global policing . India should assert its right and support the aggrieved country and thus a beginning should be made to tame the over actions from the super powers on weakness nations. And it will be a lesson to those countries which are doing dada giri type of terrorism on small nations.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Why it should be allowed. The other nations should protest if the superpowers are trying to take advantage and do mistakes as they like. UN also should control the power of these superpowers by giving permanet memberships and veto powers to countries like India and see that the superpowers will also be under control.
    always confident

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