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    Greatness with great persons

    1.Dr.Radhakrishnan got elevated from a teacher post to Vice Chancellor of a university and further to the President of India. But on the whole period he spent most of his earnings for the education of poor and for the development of University of Kasi.
    2.Once Rousewelt,American ex president visited house of Homes,92 years old,famous retired Judge and a friend of Rousewelt.But he astonished to see that he was reading a book of socretis.Homes replied Rouswelt that he was quenching his reading thirst.
    3.Ex CM of Tamilnadu C.N.Annadurai was a great laurate,speaker,writer. He got Rs.10000 for writing a novel once.Accordingly he wrote the whole novel of 300 pages without any correction in a single night. He named the novel as 'or iravu' which means 'one night'. Later this novel came as Tamil movie.
    4.Socretis was in prison and his day of death punishment was also announced. He approached a incision who was his prison mate to make him(socretis) learn a particular music instrument. On asking with astonishment, socretis replied that,'I will die with a satisfaction of learnt the instrument' Accordingly he learnt before meeting death.
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    Very nicely the author narrated the great qualities of great people.
    1. Lal Bahadur Sastry was the Railway Minister in Nehru's cabinet. One day there was an accident for a rail. As soon as the news came to the Minister, he accepted the moral responsibility and resigned for the post. The greatness of the leader is that after resigning he left the official cal and gone to his house by walk. Such is the simplicity of that great man.
    Like this, there are many great people who have shown their greatness in many ways.

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    Greatness of great people cannot be imagined nor compared. And those who have sacrificed their life and donated to everyone are remained great even today and their deed speak volumes than their name.
    K Mohan
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    The former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri was one of the rare breed of politician who made no money. He was born in a poor family, led a simple personal life and ethical professional life and finally died a poor man. At the time of his death, he had no money for his family. All he had was a old car which was bought by taking loan.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Greatness is a trait that all cannot have, such people, have humility, simplicity and have their own inner moral compass set at a very high level. On a much smaller scale, I(we) have seen cricketers (before the T20 etc) who were such gentlemen that they would start walking towards the pitch even before the umpire raised his finger if the knew that they were leg before wicket or even a run-out.

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