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    If doctors go on strike , then who will attend the ailing patients. ? Kerala doctors on strike.

    In India the last resort one has to mend the government to his or their favor is to resort to strike or Hartal , so that total shut down is observed. But just imagine if the doctors of government hospitals go in for flash strike without even informing the government about their intended strike, the plight of the patients cannot be seen or written. In Kerala the duty doctors and other doctors of government hospitals were on strike and the patients are struggling to get attended. Should the doctors be strictly exempted form participating in strikes ?
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    Strikes are an effective means of drawing attention in any sector, healthcare, banking, law etc. This strike is for some working hours issues. Without commenting on the reasons further, when doctors go on strike, arrangements for emergency care and emergency surgeries would be made. Only routine work will stop. We speak of how doctors can strike, it is ethical etc but ultimately it is also a profession/service sector form their viewpoint if the grievances are not addressed then such measures would be resorted to. In reality, these strikes would be resolved in a short period of time due to the discussions and agreements arrived at.

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    The government will declare some services as emergency services and people working in those departments should not undergo any type of strikes and hartals.If they have any grievances they should be sorted by bilateral discussions and negotiations. Medical services are also in these emergency services. So if they do any flash strike and hartals without giving notice they will be penalised.
    So here the initiative should be taken by the government as well as employee's associations and try to resolve the issues as amicably as possible. Sometime back in Telangana also the Junior Doctors went on strike and the patients in the hospitals struggled a lot because of the non-availability of the services required. I hope the Kerala government will also solve the problems at the earliest and the doctors restore normalcy in their duties so that the public will not suffer.

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    In developed countries, the doctors generally never go on strike as they earn adequately in lieu of serving the needy to remain happy and content. On the other hand, in India the healthcare services are plagued with varied kinds of maladies. Corrupt practices are prevailing in healthcare sector also as in the case of all other sectors. Under such circumstances, the doctors also behave like a typical government employee and demand facilities and allowances on one pretext or the other.

    Strike by doctors should be treated with iron hands in case their demands are unreasonable. Incidentally, in private sector, the doctors never go on strike as they earn decently there.

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