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    How successful is Mr.Modi's government in foreign affairs?

    Usually every government have their own way of dealing with foreign countries. Congress governments used to give importance to good friendly and peaceful relations with foreign countries. Mr.Vajapayee government got good name in foreign dealings in the past. At present Mr.Modi visiting every country of the World twice or thrice during his tenure more than any other PM of India. The main purpose of his visits is to bring more and more investments to India. Eventhough his party's policy is make in India he is expecting more foreign investors to enter in India. But media analysing a poor response to what India expecting from foreign investors. During his tenure China aggression and Pakistani cross boarder terrorism increased many more times than UPA government.What positives and what set backs you are seeing in foreign affairs in NDA government?
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    Whether we agree or not PM Modi did carried out systematic projection of our country's need for foreign relations and he has taken the legacy one step ahead with US and earned the praise of US DEPARTMENT . Like wise he signed agreements with Germany on solar and clean energies which was never thought off . Then he signed the biggest Raffle deal with France and also instrumental in continuing good relations with the UK. And who can forget his visits to Australia, China, Japan, Laos, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Fiji which were either too neglected by other PM's and thus Modi was one step ahead in maintaining good relations with other countries.
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    I expected that immediately after the visit of Mr. Modi, all the industrialists of the country (which Mr. Modi visited), would queue up before the Indian Embassy/High Commission with thousands of crores of investment proposals. That doesn't happen. So, Mr. Modi is a failure in external front. All the articles appeared in foreign newspapers like Washington Post, The Guardian, Jerusalem Post, etc. praising Mr. Modi, are total nonsense.

    Mr. Modi is a failure in both internal and external front. Even Charan Singh, Deve Gowrah and IK Gujral were much better than him.

    (But fortunately, people of the country will again vote for him to bring him back in power in 2019. How unfair!)

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    I have no expert knowledge about the foreign affairs of India. Therefore obviously, I will share what I understand by reading news papers and television current affairs program.

    Foreign affairs include relations with neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China which will remain a bone of contention ever irrespective of the political party in power, be it BJP or INC.

    Primarily foreign relations are economic relations i.e. relations based on trades. India, because of its large population is a huge market for consumable goods and therefore all foreign countries manufacturing goods including China remain interested in dumping goods in India.

    As far as investment by foreign countries is concerned, there is always an element of uncertainty as the tenure of any Prime Minister is short lived only whereas conducive atmosphere is required permanently for making huge investments.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most successful Indian Prime Ministers in dealing with Foreign affairs and maintaining bilateral relations with as many countries as possible. His successful attempt in isolating Pakistan in the international arena and branding it as a Terrorist country makes his mark in our International relations. The daring attempt of surgical strike against the terror outfits in the border and his success in making the world community to understand the reasons to take such a serious action is another success story of his handling the Foreign affairs. As regards the investments received from foreign countries, it all depends on the Global economic stability and not on individual approach.

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    My opinion is that Modi as PM and Sushma as External Affairs in Charge made a remarkable progress in our relations with foreign countries. The way they dealt with Pakistan in cases of the problem situation and the way they behaved with China is exemplary. Now across the globe all the countries know about the Indian Strategy regarding Pakistan and China and all of them are supporting India. The visits of PM to other countries increased the rapport with all the other countries. Modi is able to isolate China and Pakistan in many issues. At the same time, India never succumbed to any country and pray for their help. I think it is the correct path they are following. Whether foreigners coming or not coming for investment is a different issue but we don't have any problems with any country but for these two countries namely China and Pakistan. Ms.SUhma also delivered her might to do justice to our country in may countries with her tremendous understanding of the subject.
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    We should not compare/confuse foreign affairs handling with attracting foreign investments.

    Under Mr.Modi, the perception of India has improved among the other countries. Our place in the global hierarchy is better.The border issues with our troublesome neighbors have been met with confidence and not fear.
    Even today, after the Syrian air strikes, India has boldly called for restraint from the super-powers (USA, UK, France).

    With regards to foreign investments, mere visits will not bring in actual investments always, it just facilitates the flow process but it would be finally down to the economic and internal stability of India, not Mr.Modi who can get foreign investments.

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    I have thought about the subject more thoroughly. I am now convinced that we must not think about the mutual relationship, multi-country relationship, technology transfer, new geopolitical reality, etc. We must declare that Modi's foreign policy has failed or better, Modi has no foreign policy at all, and end the discussion with pathological haters.
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