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    Should committing suicide is the way out for not scoring marks in Intermediate exams ?

    Yesterday the Telangana Intermediate first and second year results were declared and the boys scored 65 percent and the girls scored 67 percent pass percentage. However there are many students who failed in subjects with few marks and failed even in Sanskrit. But one girl taken her failure to the heart and committed suicide. Though her family was not insisting us to study and pass the Intermediate, but for the girl it seems to be the prestige issue in the family and community and hence she committed suicide ?
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    Unfortunately such incidences occur after declaration of board examination results in almost all parts of the India. I think the parents are also responsible to some extent for such scenarios. They have to make their children believe that they are always with them irrespective of the outcome of the school/college examination results. Because of such reasons, parenting is rated as one of the most important responsibility of the human beings.
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    In middle-class families, such incidents occur. When we put everything in studies, then even a small lapse creates a sense of terrible dejection. Alas! it seems nobody is there in this unkind world to tell these young children that life is much bigger than these examinations. Nobody is there to narrate the story of Rober Bruce. Nobdoy is there to properly mentor these students to convince them to fight against all odds and success can be reached following many avenues, and getting good marks in the Board examination is only one such avenue.
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    It is heard many times that some innocent students who could not do well on the exams are committing suicide. Here the problem lies with the parenting. The parents create such an atmosphere that ultimate in life is to pass the exam or getting good score. But how much impact it is giving on the minds of these young people will not be understood by them. Some students can withstand the pressure but some will take it to their hearts and commit this type of mistakes. So the part of parents and school teachers lays a very important role here. We should understand the capability of our child and accordingly we should prepare the child so that they can accept the defeat gracefully. One should teach the children that education and ranks are important but at the same time they are not the ultimate in our life. Then they will grow up without many expectations and will not do any unwanted attempts.
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    Basically these all is a matter of psychology. If certain emotions are not controlled by any individual then this results in some extreme actions like killing themselves. That few doesn't even hesitate to do the suicidal attempts that once they were afraid of doing.

    That's why predicting the human behavior is so much uncertain. Something that we call the loss of the essence of life or the presence of mind & decision is taken that no one had even thought of. When any individual continue to think of negatives only, then to the that also that the person began to feel the loss of hope.

    To stop all these guidance remains the most important thing. Being open & continue the discuss the matters will to much extent will help to release stress & simultaneously will lead to slow down of these incidences.

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    Every year, once results come some students sadly take this extreme step. No parent should suffer such a loss.
    At times parents would say something a little harsh and that would disturb the already sad student.

    When we look at from the student's viewpoint, there is a strong peer pressure, the pressure to pass so that they can stay in the same class and group. Once a student fails, all the unthinkable flashes by them and overcome by intense grief and momentary loss of self-control, they take this extreme step. The family takes a long time to cope up with this loss.

    What we need is a good robust regular counselling in schools, wherein students are taught to handle failure. Kota, Rajasthan, the coaching capital of India, was also referred to the suicide capital for students, but after 2016, the administration took many measures including helplines, a good number of counsellors, recreation days and increasing student interaction and the rates have dropped significantly.

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    This is not right. Suicide and giving up your life is no way of regretting what is already being done. Normally, it is being noticed that there is always parental pressure on students that causes them to commit suicide. Undergoing depression, and finally, they end up losing their lives. Parents need to be easy with their children. Their behavior should not depict that the studies of their child impact much a lot to their reputation, they must do that, but with proper care, so as to keep an eye that their attitude does not have a negative impact on their child.
    There should be proper counseling for such parents first.

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