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    KCR exploring third front possibilities as he met Mamta earlier and now Deva Gouda ?

    While every one was glued to the television over the happenings on the up coming Karnataka Elections where in both BJP and Congress are shredding their last sweat to convince the voters to their favor. However behind the scene, Telangana CM KCR has been touring the country and already met Mamta Banerjee and Deva Gouda and slowly meeting other opposition party leaders soon to chalk out the third front formation. But the question is there are too many aspirants in the so called third front for the post of PM then on whom the KCR would prefer or he has the last laugh to aim the PM chair next time ?
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    Third front cannot be a viable option because there is no political leader acceptable to all other political parties as the Prime Ministerial candidate. Mamta Banerjee is running from pillar to post in anticipation that the other political parties will accept her as their leader because of her age and experience. Nitish Kumar appears to be another dark horse but now he has made compromise and accepted Narendra Modi as his leader.

    However, in the larger interest of the people of India, it is better if a single political party gets a majority to form a government instead of many smaller parties forming a coalition government as such conglomerates lead to mega corruption and unstability as in the case of UPA government.

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    But the way the South has been selectively neglected on every issue force rethinking on forming third front as both UPA and NDA failed to gauge our expectations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Each of the southern states have isolated themselves from the mainstream politics of India by having their own ways of idolising film personalities as their supreme leader which is not possible at the national level.
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    Promising and back tracking as become the pet game of the center, either with UPA and now NDA. We are fed up with the so called largest parties at National level.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am not sure but I doubt all the possible losers in their regions are flocking together to form a Front. Can any one of them name their leader to project as their candidate for the PM race? Let them try and there will be so many smaller groups forming to snatch the post!

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    it is true that the third front trials by KCR may not yield fruitful results. Many big people and many aspirants for PM post. Singling out a candidate as PM candidate is very difficult. KCR is known for his tongue-twisting character which made Congress lose power in Telangana. So leaders like Mamata don't want to give chance to KCR but KCR wants himself as PM. There is a saying that keeping two swords in the single casing is very difficult. Instead of that what I feel is the regional parties in South should get united and they should see that in the South regional parties can make a mark in the centre politics. Otherwise, this south will be suffering like this forever. But Karnataka Congress and Tamil Nadu AIDMK may not show much interest in this. We have seen the politics of the third front and we know how long they were together. I am not expecting anything more than that now also. The hidden agenda of KCR is to take seniors of his party to Delhi and make his son KTR as CM of Telangana. He wanted to be PM there.
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    Number of Parliamentary seats in the major states of southern India are as follows -

    Andhra Pradesh - 25
    Karnataka - 28
    Tamil Nadu - 39
    Telangana -17
    Kerala - 20
    Total - 129

    The Parliament of India has a sanctioned strength of 545 in Lok Sabha including the 2 nominees from the Anglo-Indian Community. To form a government 273 MPs are required.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Is that mean the parties are not interested to have the seat counts from South and if they win from North, they destined to get power. That is what happening all these years.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This would not work its magic. Just look at the happenings in Karnataka which is gearing up for elections. Anyone who is not given a ticket is just crossing over to the other parties. There are many examples of people moving like musical chairs between Congress, BJP and JD(S). If this is the mindset of people for just a nomination, we can imagine the complex positioning that would happen on the third front.

    Mr.Deve Gowda became the PM after being chosen from the United Front alliance of parties. Maybe KCR is hoping to do the same. Forming a front is not very difficult because things are still at the initial stages, only when it comes to the final run-up of agreeing who will do what, problems crop up and the alliance breaks up.

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