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    Not by erecting big statues and celebrating birth anniversaries alone!

    Our authors of the Indian Constitution have never visualized the situation prevailing as of today in the country. They never expected the relative terms Socialism, Secularism and the right for expression of thoughts would take new dimensions directly affecting our cultural unity in diversity. Unfortunately the very strong bond of our cultural integrity is at stake.

    Yesterday we have celebrated the 127th Birthday anniversary the great son of India Babasaheb Ambedkar. It is his vision that made India to survive as one of the greatest democratic country. He worked for Socialism and made provision for the upliftment of the neglected people of the society by giving them an opportunity to come up in life on par with others and proposed reservation system for a period of 10 years. The periodicity of the reservation system in India continues to be extended by various Governments duly supported by all political parties for the reasons best known to them. Friends, this is the Socialism which he never wanted. He wanted equality among all and when it is going to be achieved? Today various state Governments are competing to build bigger statues for the great leader. They may think it as a befitting tribute to the visionary leader but not by erecting big statues and celebrating birth anniversaries alone!
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    Nowadays business analytic tools and data science is being used by the political parties by hiring experts to win the seats so as to become able to form a government. The recent controversy of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook is a typical example in this regard. Also, we should not forget Prashant Bhushan and his role in stategining about winning elections.

    Thus each vote counts. Political parties have to woo each and every segment of the society by announcing appeasement policies or otherwise. Yesterday, Narendra Modi stated that he became Prime Minister due to Baba Saheb only. An statue of Dr. Ambedkar was inaugurated yesterday in the office of the Samajwadi Party, the arch rival of the Bahujan samaj Party in the past.

    There is a Hindi proverb - 'Museebat me gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai' which roughly means, that if required or in worst of times one has to be make friends even with their enemies.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It has become a fashion in India to erect the statue of the great leaders of yesteryears. Once they erect the statue a leader will come and unveil the statue and pay rich tributes to the great man and offer many sops to the brothers of that big man. The show is over. Only the next year that day they will remember the leader provided there is no election in between. The selection of the place for the erection of the statue will be decided based on so many social conditions.
    As long as these vote politics is prevalent in our country the situation will continue the same way. But the most important that is being forgotten by all these Political leaders and vote seekers, you can't fool the public always and forever. Everybody will be taught a lesson at an appropriate time.

    always confident

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    Following the principles that a leader stood far is far more noble and relevant than materialistic tributes like big statues. The author has conveyed this very well. A word of caution would be, the principles followed or advocated by even a great leader may be outdated or not appealing to all, hence some thought should go in before the strict adherence to such principles.

    Imagine any leader or party trying to meddle with the reservation, it would be political suicide. Everyone wants to go with the appeasement of the electorate so that the party/leader can stay in power.
    Sometimes, a plan is made by leaders based on their views but it doesn't go well with the passage of time or when the situation changes.

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