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    Gender in personifications - why is it Father Time, Mother Nature, Lady Luck?

    I have always wondered what is the reason for personifying something as distinctly male or female which is abstract/non-human. Some examples: Father Time, Mother Nature, Lady Luck.

    Do you know why -
    Time is personified as a Father?
    Nature is personified as a Mother?
    Luck is personified as a Lady?

    I looked up the above on the Net. It seems that Nature, like a mother, gives life & nurtures & for the same reason we refer to the earth as Mother Earth; Father Time is a reference to Greek mythology; Lady Luck is a reference to the Roman Goddess of fortune, Fortuna.

    Members can come up with such gender personifications & share in one to two lines why they are so personified (no Ph.D. thesis please!). Each member can give up to 3 such personifications. You can also state some of your own creative reasons for these personifications!
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    My own interpretation:

    Time is very strict like my father. So, times is compared with father.
    Nature takes care of all our woes like my mother, So, Mother Nature.
    To have a ideal lady partner in our life depends on luck. So, it is Lady Luck.

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    Father is the workholick for the family and hence he was compared to time, Mother's nature has plentiful of love and affection and hence she is compared to nature, and for many wife brings luck to their life and thus it is said so.
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    The author has rightly pointed out but this doesn't remain the case all the time. But still if we continue to look around us then we find out that each one of those is performing a unique job which is more or less different from others. With this the "Nature", has the role of creation as well as nurturing & finally the destruction too. The same is the case with the mother who responsible is for carrying the seed of new life in her womb & during pregnancy & when the child happens then the major role being played by the mother. But in contrast the father too has the role of nurturing the child. And although we also mentioned the destruction role as played by the nature but not finding suitable if compared with the role of a mother.

    So, this can't be 100% ok but keep changing along the circumstances & the different scenarios because all are man made.

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    Death - is considered masculine as it appears not to be kind like a female. Perhaps hugging death would have been less painful, had it been feminine.

    Hope - is considered feminine perhaps because it is as elusive and unpredictable as a female.

    Liberty - is considered feminine because it's pronunciation end with a female name sounding 'ty'.

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    It is the way we learn about various things around us, we also learn that certain things stand for certain attributes. Like cruelty with male sex, ignorance with poor people, looks with the female gender. Similarly, people over the ages have given

    When people spot a lovely colorful bird, they say look at the lovely bird, she's so beautiful (many male birds have colorful plumage).People often associate beauty with the female form. The same goes for a good looking tiger spotted at a safari, Wow tiger, she's a fine beauty.

    But for some reason, boats (she's a lovely boat) and storms (her fury destroyed homes) are referred as she.

    Imagine doing the opposite of the traditional, we would be laughing. Calling 'Father Christmas as Mother Christmas' or 'Mother Nature as Father Nature'. It also sounds so odd. Perhaps it's what our ancestors were used to as the language evolved.

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    Sweet Girl - Girlish Voice - Fatherly Man.
    Generally, the females especially the young girls are sweet like thing to the males. Hence Sweet Girl.
    The voice of the girls are fine tuned and pleasant to hear. Hence girlish voice.
    Matured men are like fatherly figures. Hence Fatherly man.

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    A mother will have a lot of patience and she will be able to withstand the misdeeds of the children during their early days and always treat them very carefully. That is why she was compared to nature.
    A father will go on doing whatever he has to do for the welfare of the children as required and he will follow the timing always. Hence he is compared to time.
    Once we get married our life will be completely dependent on the wife and if we are lucky we will get a lady who will understand us and encourage us. That is why she is compared to luck.

    always confident

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