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    Why not we try to understand and write these two words correctly?

    I have observed people making mistake while writing these two words. They are TRIAL and TRAIL.
    Why not we try to learn the meaning of these two words and spell them correctly? Interchanging of I and A makes lots of difference and changes the entire meaning of the word.
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    Yes. It is true. Many of us will make this mistake many times. Trial and Trail only change in the place of letters. But they are entirely different.Trial means coming together of parties to a dispute, to present information (in the form of evidence) in a tribunal, a formal setting with the authority to adjudicate. The trail is to drag or let drag along the ground or another surface
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    If one is fond of watching movies, then he/she must be familiar with the word 'trailer' of movies shown in cineplexes of shopping malls. Trailer is an excerpt or series of excerpts from a movie or program used to advertise it in advance. Thus understanding the word 'trail' becomes easier for trailer watchers.

    After watching the movie and trailers of forthcoming movies, the viewer may enter the shopping portion of the mall and enter an apparel store. There are 'trial' rooms to try the clothes.

    I have read that few girls visit malls, enter the trial room after picking the latest fashionable garments, wear that, take selfie and then post the same to their friends etc. Needless to mention here that they leave the clothes there only and come clean without buying anything.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I sometimes interchange the spellings and later on realize the mistake. Meter(device) and Metre (measurement) are also often inter-used while writing down notes. But there are two different spellings which have the same meaning 'Center' and 'Centre'. One is American and one is British.

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