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    Why newspapers to be printed these days?

    We all accustomed to reading news in the hard copy of the newspaper. We got this habit as initially during our younger days there are no 24 X 7 channels and online newspapers. So we used to hear the news on the radio and then the next day morning we were reading the newspapers. But these days all news are being aired on various channels and many people are browsing the net and getting all the latest news. As such when we get the newspaper next day morning there is no interest in reading the paper.
    The newspapers require a lot of paper for publishing the news for which a lot of trees are to be cut which is again a threat to the environment. So what I feel is we should not encourage the hard copies of the newspapers. Slowly all should discontinue the paper hard copy reading, I think.
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    Such changes do occur but they take it's own time. We are gradually drifting toward paperless regime though at a slower pace, primarily because many people still have no access to good speed internet connections for read e-papers.

    Morning news papers cover many local news which is not broadcasted on television channels. News about mismanagement in local government hospitals, possibility of traffic jam due to meeting/rally of a political party and such other news of local importance are covered in local print media only.

    In addition classified advertisements, news about exhibition etc. are also covered in morning news paper besides detailed analysis of local politics, editorials and features in weekend supplement etc.

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    The pleasure of reading the morning newspaper, especially the Sunday one with a cup of coffee cannot be replicated by the large TV screen, Laptop or the tab.

    Some practices of daily life slowly fade off, even the newspaper would fade slowly.But it would take a few more years. The newspapers are still the lifeline in the rural areas for people to get updated. It also serves another important role of government announcements, schemes, applications and job advertisements. So, the newspapers would be difficult to replace in all parts of the country.

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    It is true that there are several media accessible for us to know the happenings around and outside. However the routine of reading news papers have become part of the life. There are several pieces of news which are not covered by various channels. One particular page I find necessary is the obituary page. Channels cover the death of certain known personalities only. There are several others about whom we want to know.
    Similarly the small functions in the countryside are not covered by channels. The e- editions of news papers generally cover them, since it will be a copy of the print news paper. May be, one day we may stop getting news papers. Personally I am getting three different news papers regularly at home. Two of them vernacular and one English.


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    In Simple, it is like fast food shop where we stand and eat and a hotel where we sit, enjoy and eat. The items available in the news papers cannot be compared with the news telecast over Television channels or the net. There are many people who has no time to watch Television, but to read newspapers while travelling or while in office break time. Therefore, we cannot do away with newspapers
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    I don't think that Print Media will ever be shut down. The reason and strongly I feel that the message you convey to the society through words are much more powerful than speaking in words. In TV or any video, you watch and hear the message which may or may not stay for longer in your mind, however it is not with the print media. There are amazing authors and editors who know the nerves of their reader and know how to convey their message in stronger way. What you read if that is impressive enough, you may not forget it so easily. So, for me print media has its own importance in our society which should continue.

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    The newspaper is still the most popular media in our country whether the people read it thoroughly or not. It is difficult to predict when it will be shut down as many of us are still habituated by its sheer width and depth.

    Due to recycling and advertisements, the price of the newspaper is not increasing and that is one reason why people are just getting it from their newspaper vendor.

    Even in developed countries, it is continuing. Over and above the newspaper, for convenience, even printed yellow pages are quite popular which provide all local details of eating places, entertainment places etc.

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    It's people choice.

    Although what the newspaper consists of is already gone & at the same time we are facilitated by the online media which can provide the most current news available. Along with this we have & other sites wherein we can rewind the news or our preferred sections as much as we wants to do & as many times as we intend to. But newspapers has got its own importance & fun.

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    I challenge, we cannot get the news which are appearing in the news paper. By and large the big news may appear in television, online and on the print media, but there are some special story coverage, banner head lines coverage, editorial coverage and suggestions to the government. All these appear in every news paper and that is their own creation and contribution. And I am also deeply impressed by the heading in the Telugu news papers gives, which has broader insight of the news hidden the content. Such is the classic ability of news papers and they are here to stay in spite of fame tilting towards on line news content.
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