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    What benifits you see by visiting temples regularly or frequently?

    People of Hindu religion usually visit temples on festive ocassions or on special days or on a particular day of the week.
    But some people, especially elderly persons regulary visit temples on daily basis and involve in all the programs conducted on the premises of the temple. Most of the people visit the temple to get some peace of mind in the bussy and worrysome schedules of their life. They find peacefulness and serenity in the premises of the temple. Actually by visiting the temple with family regularly or atleast frequently will guide them to think in a positive, truthful and honest way. Children can learn some good things from the 'pravachanas' given by pandits in the programs conducted in the premises of temples. Folks, what benefits you are seeing in visiting temples daily or more frequently?
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    A very relevant thread, I just returned for a quick trip within the city, the malls, shopping streets are overcrowded yet when I pass the nearby temple with its big banyan tree has few people, mostly seniors and women praying.

    I think we need to encourage families who believe in God to visit temples or places of faith as per their caste/religion. Temples within the city are places of positive energy and those which are not commercialized still have prayer sessions, distribution of small free books or free classes on epics etc.

    Parents and children would be able to focus the minds, meditate or even just say a simple prayer. Children would be benefitted by incorporating some discipline, some common rituals in temples and it would generate an interest in them to know more about their religions. If nothing, at least the children will be drawn out of the overcrowded malls with too many distractions, noise etc.

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    It is true that when we visit a temple our mind will become calm and will give you immense happiness at heart. The reason behind visiting the places of prayers is to get concentration and it will give a positive thinking attitude. We should inculcate the habit of going to temples to the children from their early ages. We should take them and make them sit there and tell them the moral stories and epics which will make them understand the importance of truthfulness, honesty and respect. After having gone to temple who should sit for some time there and see that our mind and thoughts will concentrate on noble thought and deeds.
    Whenever we go out for a domestic work outside we will get exhausted with the heavy vehicle traffic and crowd. After coming back I will go to the temple near our house and spend a little time there which will bring back normalcy to my mind and I will get relaxed.

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    It is purely a matter of belief and also the place where one is living. It may not be possible for an individual living in metro city to visit a temple regularly until and unless he/she is living in the neighbourhood of the temple itself.

    Visiting temples on the occasion of festivals or holy days etc. is fraught with serious dangers these days as we often hear about unfortunate stampede types of incidences etc.

    Visiting temples do gives peace of mind. The Birla Mandir at Jaipur was frequented by people like a tourist spot also. It was a masterpiece of architecture in marble and traditional type of puja using incense sticks, diya or havan was not permitted inside.

    I have visited few temples in US also and found them to be maintained much neat and clean. The atmosphere inside those temples was serene and peace giving.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Frankly speaking, apart from our own mental peace, we do not get any other benefit. However, if one really want to get benefit visiting temples, one can really look up to various politicians. Visiting temples for them meaning getting varieties of benefit.

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