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    Is it called hypocrisy?

    Of late, I have been noticing the intellectuals in various print media and television have been lamenting on lack of representation of Dalits and minorities in various fields including Government jobs, different bodies, armed forces, judiciary, etc. Some of them have gone to the extent of saying that this is the conspiracy of educated Hindus to deprive the Dalits and minorities to the 'legitimate' share of power in every walk of life.

    Senior journalist Shekhar Gupta has been in the forefront of this so-called movement of giving due share of power to the Dalits and minorities. However, I have found with amusement that no Dalit or minority has been there in the newly elected Editors Guild of India. Shekhar Gupta has been elected as the President, A.K. Bhattacharya has been elected as the General Secretary and Ms. Sheela Bhatt has been elected as the Treasurer of the body of the journalists. As far as I understand, all three are so-called caste Hindus.

    And there is no murmur of protest against the non-representation of Dalits and minorities in the journalists' elected body. Is it called hypocrisy?
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    The people who are really interested in the upliftment of the Dalits and other downtrodden people will never make unnecessary noise. But people who are interested in power only will try to do these noises to attract them and win their support. The best example is TRS government. They show their liking towards Muslims as the Muslim votes in Hyderabad is very crucial for their win. Like this everybody who talks about these minorities will have definitely some hidden agenda. But when the chance comes they will conveniently forget the problems which are highlighted by them all the days. They will never implement the system really when they come to the stage of execution. Really they always want the downtrodden people should remain the same so that they will have the best opportunity to get their favour. This is the politics. I don't know whether it is hypocrisy.
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    Last year the President of India Ramnath Kovind had expressed concern at the inauguration of the National Law Day conference, jointly organised by the Law Commission and NITI Aayog at New Delhi over the 'unacceptably low' representation of women, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes in the higher judiciary.

    Also, demands are raised from time to time by concerned organisations and individuals to ensure that set quota of posts are filled at all levels in all types of services.

    As far as the Editors Guild of India is concerned, the reservation policy as such is not applicable in the same. However, I agree with the author of thread about the hypocrisy part.

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    We don't know the selection and appointment rules/regulations of the Editors Guild of India. Is it by ballot, how are the candidates chosen? so, we cannot sincerely comment.

    If it is a process of selection purely by merit/contribution and we have a candidate from the minority, then there would be some voices raised.

    On the other hand, with time, if the selected candidates are doing good work that is acceptable and don't change their views and principles radically, then their election would be a good choice in hindsight.

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    Why doesn't Shekar Gupta lament about non-representation of Dalits and minorities in the Editors' Guild? Why doesn't he abdicate his throne (sorry, position) in favour of a Dalit journalist?
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    What baffles me much is the fact that the thought of Dalits and their representation which includes reservation as such would come for discussion and lime light during elections only and then vanish for at least four years. Even the so called Dalits association wont raise this bogey and keep quiet. It is really amusing that even the top journalists are batting for the rights of Dalits during this election season and that would surely escalate as every party has the vote share in Dalit pockets and they are bound to fight for their cause, no matter justice would be done to Dalits or not is the far thinking factor.
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