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    Incredible India: Musical pillars of Shri Vijaya Vittala Temple, Hampi

    I heard about this temple from my History teacher in school. He was teaching us about the Battle of Talikota. He told us about the terrible destruction of Hampi, the most prosperous city of Asia at that time, after the Battle of Talikota. He told us that when the barbarians came to destroy the temple located at the north-eastern part of Hampi, the musical sound emanated from the musical pillars of the temple due to the use of hammers, made them very afraid. They thought that some ghost lived there. So, they did not destroy this architectural wonder created during the reign of King Devaraya II and expanded further during the reign of Krishnadevaraya.

    This great example of Dravidian architecture with the Maha Mantapa, Stone Chariot, intricate stone-work and the fifty-six musical pillars silently declare the greatness of Hindu architects and masons of Incredible India.
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    Yes the musical pillars of Hampi which was once the part of Vijayanagara Samrajya of Sri Krishna Devaraya is the great testimony of architecture to which even the modern architects are awe struck and making research as to how musical sounds can emanate from the stones. And those pillar stones are from single rock formation and not in pieces. For that matter there was a competition and pride factor in those days to have the grand temples during every dynasty rule and that was vividly followed by Devarayas too. I doubt none can construct such imposing structures now and that is the big challenge too.
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    Really Hampi is an excellent creation of the man. I had been to this place. I really feel pity for the present state of this great city. But still, it is very inspiring to have a visit there. There the sculptural excellence is very visible. These days we have so many technological developments and we have computers and software to design anything. But the work done those days with the available facilities is remarkable and we should appreciate the people who actually made it.So far in these modern days also I have not seen any sculptor created which is equivalent to that of Hampi.
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    The temple and the ancient city make us realise the grandeur of the city during its heydays. We only sigh thinking about the destruction of the greatest city of Asia (according to Manucci). Most probably UNESCO has planned to maintain this ancient historical city (although I am not fully sure).
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    Shri Vijaya Vittala Temple at Hampi is a beautiful place to see the architecture of the building. It is built under the Vijayanagara kingdom and most of the sights inside the temples were planned earlier and the dam which built at Hampi was used for irrigation and for the use of temple. All the people who were leaving near the temple was getting water for their harvest and people were living happily under his kingdom. People must visit these places to understand how well they planned in advance to have a wonderful temple.
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    Hampi is one the star attractions in Karnataka, the wonders of the musical pillars are a testimony to the craftsmanship and the engineering skills of our forefathers.

    Hampi, along with Belur, Halebeedu and Somanathpur are must-visit places if one has to admire temple architecture. For those of you who are interested in visiting Hampi, you can try the jungle lodges package (Government of Karnataka) which offers the temple visits along with a trip to the nearby Daroji Bear sanctuary. Summers are too hot. Some of the sunrise and sunset pictures from Hampi are breathtaking.

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