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    Are we really busy?

    We often come across these words, "I'm little busy, will come back later". To be fair none of us are busy, it is just the priority that matters. If we can manage our time, everything is manageable.

    The successful players of any game of life focus on seven key factors to manage their time - focus on important things, taking a break when tired, eliminating unproductive things, self-motivation to do the things,restricting accessibility to everyone, setting timeline to achieve the target and outsourcing,if required.

    But none can help you if you are casual in your saying that little busy just to avoid someone. Isn't it?
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    The answer lies in your content itself. "I'm little busy, will come back later" indicates the priorities. One has to prioritize the sequence of tasks depending on their importance. Avoiding someone is not good. We do not know when we will be requiring the services of the person whom we try to avoid. In such instances, it becomes an embarrassment to deal with that particular person when the need arises.
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    Normally we move and talk with every one, but that does mean that every one is close and friend to us. That means we wont connect with all the people we behave and we are very selective. So we use the words " I am busy right now and call you later or see you later " is the postponing attitude from our side to get rid of that person who is not wanted in our list. But what I say that instead of totally avoiding , just listen to the person what he or she is saying and then take decision to help or getting away. By doing so the other person wont feel that you are discarding him but you do have some urgent work to attend.
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    "I am busy. Is it urgent? If not I will come back later?" should be the words used to help us to be in touch with them without losing them. It will not give an indication that we are avoiding or ignoring the caller, and will not make them to feel embarassed.
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    We have to separate wheat from chaff. Generally many people call just for the heck of it without having any genuine or important purpose. In such cases we have to have a strategy at hand to ward off such undesirable evils in the form of an unwanted call by telling the caller that we are busy. The unwanted promotional calls are typical examples of such cases.

    As a matter of fact, we have to be practical enough to tell a time waster at point blank range that we have no time for you and please don't disturb me in future either by calling or by visiting or otherwise. But sometimes it appears difficult to do so particularly when the time waster happen to belong to our close social circle. But still we have to tell them one day or the other lest the situation gets worse.

    We may or may not be busy but we are masters of our own life and have the right to decide as to whom to talk. Nobody can force him/her on ourselves solely because he/she is related to us in one way or the other.

    We have to keep in our mind always that the time once gone will never come back. Therefore each and every moment of it should be spent judiciously and pragmatically. It is none of anybody's business to comment sarcastically that what is there is ISC to be so busy with that.

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    Yes, it is only a matter of priority. And we can complete all our assignments without any excuse if we manage our time properly. But time-management is a continuous learning process and not all can do it. Those few who can do it get success and popularity.
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    Time management is one of the most important things in our life as without that everything will go haywire.

    If we schedule things in their proper perspective, we will have time for everything and life will be much more convenient and easy to manage.

    Unfortunately there are some people who do not bother for time and lack discipline in their life. They will always be having something important pending with them and if you contact them they will utter - "I am busy right now and contact you later."

    There may be genuine reason also for doing that but in general things go like that.

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    It is true. Generally, we use the words that I am busy. But it may not be a fact. But if we don't want to entertain somebody for a long time and at the same we don't want to displease them, we will go for this excuse. It is nothing to do with our planning or business. We will plan our day with important work by prioritising the issues. But in between some people will come with odd requests which can't be accepted immediately and at the same time, we can't say no to them. In such cases only we may use these words.
    But these words have common and as such the other person will easily understand that we are not that much interested and he may discontinue calling us. But some people will not leave the issues so easily. They will go on disturbing till we decide either way.

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