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    Does quoting precedents absolve the BJP government from its failures and wrong doings?

    The news channels are conducting debates on various topics on daily basis. The panel members consist of BJP and Congress spokespersons and other experts and journalists. The BJP government which claims itself as a government with a difference almost completed four years of its rule. The Congress party is shunted out of power for its misdeeds and the BJP is now in power. In any debate, the BJP spokespersons always quote precedents of wrongdoings by Congress whenever they are questioned on failures or wrongdoings. It is a fact that the Congress lost the power for its misdeeds. Now the BJP is trying to justify themselves by quoting precedents whenever they are questioned. How long will BJP try to live off the failures of Congress? What is the use of this party which continues to flounder and tries to blame others? Is it justified to defend themselves by quoting precedents for the wrongdoings? Do we require a government which is no different from the Congress government? I think it is time for a total change in the political scenario sans BJP and Congress which will be good for the country.There is no point in depending on these two parties which are an utter failure.
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    As long as you are not a hundred percent performer, you are at the receiving end and even criticized for not giving full potential. Same is happening with the BJP. It made tall promises like bringing black money and distributing among the citizens, and that is why zero account bank pass books are issued and now there is eerie silence on the matter. Though politicians and political parties may promise and forget, voters would remember each such big promises and thus vent the ire at the time of election and BJP is going to have it as it cannot conceal its wrong doings. At least in this last year they must act or perish.
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    One can't absolve from its responsibility by quoting the failure of their predecessors. But what moral right has the predecessor got to repeatedly question and disturbing the present incumbent when he was unable to perform well during their tenure?

    The present political drama is being well enacted by all the artists properly justifying their roles ahead of the elections 2019. The script was well prepared to face the challenge with a presumption that the next General elections could be preponed. The confidence level of the opposition raised when the ruling party lost two Lok Sabha bye election very recently while the BJP appeared to be at receiving end. Two major decisions demonetization and implementation of GST had an impact on Indian economy and requires some time to get stabilized but the united opposition is trying to get benefit of the peoples' frustration . We have to give sufficient time to any party at the helm of affairs and it is common to highlight the failures of the predecessors when our performance is being constantly questioned without giving a breathing time.


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    The population of the country is 125 crores. It takes a considerable time to understand the impact (positive or negative) of any reform undertaken by the Government. But the self-seeking opposition leaders are trying to form an opportunistic coalition without any development agenda to topple the present Government. With the help of sympathetic, short-sighted and anti-national agenda-driven media sharks the opposition political parties are hell-bent to disturb the Government to work.

    People of the country are mature enough to understand the role of divisive players and they are desperate to come out of caste-driven election game-plan of the casteist parties. They are waiting to know the leader of the rag-tag coalition (if it is formed). They are watching the drama already finalizing their choice for the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

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    The duty of the opposition is to keep a watch on the doings of the government and question it if there is a lapse or wrongdoing by it. I do not support the view that the government should be questioned on whatever it does. The predecessor has got the moral right to question the present incumbent in spite of their failure when they were in power. Two wrongs do not make one right. If a brother fails in the examination, does he not have the moral right to ask his younger sibling to study and do well in the examinations? The disturbances in the budget session were unfortunate but the government was more responsible for it. The government did not try to reach out to the opposition as they want to escape the discussions on the PNB bank fraud and the no-confidence motion. The government sensed danger in the no-confidence motion and successfully did not allow it to be admitted with the help of AIADMK and TRS.
    The two major issues of demonetization and GST were vehemently opposed by the BJP when they were in opposition and did not allow the parliament to function. If the BJP felt that they were so important, why did it oppose them when they were in opposition? The GST is a good move but implemented hurriedly and facing difficulties. Four years is sufficiently long time to gauge the capability of the government. It cannot get away by blaming everything on the predecessor. We certainly require a totally different dispensation other than BJP which in four years time polarised the country. The effects are far-reaching and not good for the country.

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    By telling that the earlier government has committed mistakes so we are also eligible to commit mistakes. But at the same time asking for all things in perfect shape with a short span of 4 years is also not correct. A train on the rails can easily be driven. But if it is derailed bringing back it to the rails and start driving and attaining the speed is not an easy job. It will take some time. This a very well accepted point. But for all issues, the same strategy will not work out. If we are doing anything new we can plan properly and do it by learning from the predecessor's failures. But without doing this exercise properly you commit mistakes and when somebody questions you, you can't say you have also done the mistake. The predecessor may be useless but you say you are not like that. Then why can't you have a better strategy? This a very clear indication of escapism. The people will observe everything. But unfortunately, the people are not left with any other choice. All others proved to be much worst.
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    The duty of a sensible opposition is to provide a viable alternative administrative model before the voters so that they can do an objective assessment and choose among/between the alternatives. But that is the duty of sensible opposition, not the opposition, which we see in India.
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    The government of the day while bringing out major reforms should think of the immediate, medium and long-term effects, either positive or negative, and accordingly take the necessary steps. When we personally invest our savings, we think of all these possibilities. We plan accordingly. When the reforms that affect crores of people, can't the government plan in such a manner that we get all three types of benefits? Do we have to wait for a long time? It will be like "operation success, patient dead." What the people finalize will be known in another year. Let us not speculate.
    The country was not in a derailed condition when there was a change of power. The present government is nothing but a continuation of the policies of UPA. The demonetization is still haunting the people. I cannot say anything about the conditions in the big cities but in small places like ours, the number of ATMs working can be counted on fingers. SBI has closed almost all the ATMs. The very few are without cash most of the time. The people are still queuing in front of these machines. The much-hyped digital transactions are reduced. Except at petrol bunks, shopkeepers are asking for extra 2% or asking for cash only. Unknowingly we are paying more for our purchases or services than what we were paying previously. Some of the GST collected is not going to the government. It is going into the pockets of the vendors and black money is again generated. Corruption has not decreased. Proper thinking has not gone into the implementation of GST. The best example is changing of slabs whenever the GST council meets and too many slabs. The government should not think about income generation only. For all the big talk about the economy, there is no job creation.

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