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    Do you plan the timings before making an important call?

    Nowadays most of us have a mobile phone in our hand and have learnt the skill of making calls also. But it doesn't mean that we should press the number buttons anytime to call anybody.

    As a matter of fact, the timing of call matters much particularly in case of very important calls. Suppose we have to call an authority in connection with some important official work and the time of opening of his/her office is 10 AM. In such cases, it is better to call at around 11 AM only allowing him/her time to get settled in office and take care of unavoidable delay in reaching the office etc.

    Even while making personal calls to friends and relatives, except in the emergency, we should not disturb them during odd hours e.g. at the time of getting ready, taking meals, nap or late in the night.

    Do you plan the timings before making an important call?
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    It is always a good gesture to time our calls. The phone is ours and we can use it anytime. But the other person will also have his convenience and priorities. So it is always advisable to know the person's convenience and then cal. Many people will not follow this simple point. Sometimes people make a call at 1200 in the midnight. It irritates the people who will be sleeping at that time.
    Generally, if I have to call somebody who is a senior or aged, I will send a message asking him whether I can call him at that particular time or I will ask him to convey his choice of time. I never call anybody before 8 AM in the morning and after 10 PM unless otherwise, it is very urgent. Following timings will only make your work easy. Sometimes when we call in odd times there are many chances you will get a negative reply. So it is good to know the timing before calling somebody.

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    I use telephone and mobile phone very reluctantly and sparingly. When I have to call someone for important work, I do it reluctantly considering their working hours, rest, relaxation time, etc. After considering all these factors, it generally happens that I don't call them. Instead, they would call me and discuss the important issue.
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    This is important that prior to making any call, we need to be assured of the appointment & then initiate the discussion. This needs to be mandatory step for any professional discourse.

    But for any personal cause we need not to worry about so much formalities. Just put the matter into either of the segment & go ahead with or as per the priority. In the case the other member feel busy or on urgent task then the same will be conveyed to us.

    The mobile technology has provide us with the lots of facilities that we can make use of those. The scenario wherein we couldn't pick up the call then this could be seen the section of "Missed Call", so even if we missed out something then we can fix another time & keep doing with our business.

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    Most of my calls will be first thing in the morning to friends and family, if the issues needs action in the day. For official work by around 11AM a quick call, wish and ask ' is it ok for a couple of minutes?' or can I call back. For rest of social calls, it will be in the afternoons or the late evenings.

    With mobiles and soical media, the need for regular calls have come down in comparison. Meetings, updates, important information, deadlines, reminders, queries most of the spectrum will be covered via what's app and emails.

    Even the wishes and family talks happen in family what's app groups. Only for the elders, it is still a good feeling to hear the voices of their loved one ( children or grand-children etc). Some offical communication needs the equittite of personal calls, which will be done.

    If it is important and urgent, then we should not hesitate to call the person fearing about disturbing etc. For instance, in temples, hospitals, offices of senior government officials, there will prominent boards displayed 'mobiles to be switched off'. in real day to day events, you will see the staff themselves using the phones (personal and professional related).

    I feel, people rather make the call in unavoidable/important circumstances rather than regretting later on.

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