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    Animals: Own them or Adopt them?

    We see a lot of people with dogs, cats and birds. They are beautiful and adorable but come at a obviously hefty cost. We also see so many stray animals ( including old cows and horses) abandoned and taken care by some kind hearted souls and NGOs.

    I visited the local zoo recently and saw neat boards saying, this tiger is adopted by MrX, this macaw parrot is adopted by Mrs.Y.

    We all love animals, pet owners certainly have every right to own them as long as they are treated well. Can we think of having a pet but adopting them?, like abandoned dogs/cats ( that are groomed and cleared by veterinarians from the animal shelters) or even adopt an animal in the zoo. At least we can help in our own little way to care for these animals. Ultimately, have a pet is to express our love for animals, isn't it?
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    Owning an animal is well provided we can afford it. Not only the finances but also taking care of their work in the house by the people. my sister's family own two dogs. But my sister has to put up a lot of service and time in taking care of them. Another problem is that they can't leave the house as they have to take care of these pets. Otherwise, they have to keep these pets in some caretaking houses on payment basis. This is one problem they are facing. Another issue is the lifespan of these pets will be less and by any chance, if we lose them we will get hurt seriously.
    So I feel it is better to adopt a pet and make payment as decided by the organisation. Because it will not give any personal attachment to those pets. Only we will be paying them for their wards to take care of them.

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    It is said that animals are our best companions and they also help us in reducing our stress levels.

    Many people keep pets in their houses but there are a few who adopt them from streets or adopt in zoos in captivity just by supporting financially.

    Adopting stray animals or admitting them in animal homes is a noble task and very few of us may have this trait in us.

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    We having lots of concerns & issues around us but we never have a time to take a note on this. I absolutely support this in order to make someone's life better. We are so modernized in our routine activities that we have lost value of other's life.

    This would remain the sad aspect that we don't have any feelings for stray animals. We are so occupied with our own selfness that these stray animals don't have safer place to go to. So taking these whole scenario, this could be good suggestion that if we could make an attempt to adopt them because it wouldn't be possible to own them.

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    Who is stopping us to adopt a bird or a animal from the zoo and provide with all food and medical attention which is needed in time. In ,many zoo, the funds given by the state government is meager and the turn out of on lookers to the zoo is also decreasing , therefore the zoo authorities are not able to give full food to the animals and they are left to starving situation. One can contact the zoo authorities and express willingness to adopt and provide food for the animals of our wish and thus, we will part of developing the animals in the zoo and also increasing their population in due course.
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