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    Please don't treat them as gods and goddesses! They are publicity-hungry humans

    Once they were against drugs. Their only aim was to make India drug-free. They came to promote "Udtaa Panjab" with all slogans teaching us how drugs are destroying India. Now all of them have disappeared as if India has become totally drug-free.

    All of them were with sanitary pads and were too worried about this issue of Indian women. They wished to make India a better place for women. Some of them were promoting ''Pad-man''. Now they are silent on this issue most probably because now every single Indian woman has got access to sanitary pads!

    Now they are campaigning against the brutal torture of a young girl at Kathua forgetting the similar ordeals of other girls in other parts of the country. Be assured that their outrage and campaign would be over in another fifteen days' time.

    Please don't treat Indian actors and actresses as gods and goddesses. They are only publicity-hungry ordinary people.
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    It is very true that celebrities are only bothered for their name and fame. There are very few who are bothered for the upliftment of poor or helping the victims in the society.

    As we are impressed by their moralistic presentation in the films, we feel that they are nobler at heart.

    It is said that 'All that glitters is not gold' and it is aptly applied to the case of celebrities.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with the author. All these actors and actresses will do anything only for publicity. They were never serious about the issues. Only one actor I have seen so far who was sincere to the core to help the public. He is none other than N T Rama Rao.
    These days actors are more worried about their own survival and sometimes they will come into public with such issues so that people will not forget them. If they are really interested in the issue let them go on a mass protest all over the country from all languages and all areas. Then it will become a general issue and seriousness will come to the issue. The concerned governments will also take it seriously.
    Otherwise, the entire episode will be like a movie or serial on TV.

    always confident

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    I wouldn't agree with you Mr.Partha. We should not stereotype someone based on their profession. If the members of the film industry condemn the heinous crime, we should take it at face value irrespective of whether it could also be publicity stunts or not.

    For instance, in ISC we had a thread on the same unfortunate child to which most of us responded, we had a thread on Padman, again we responded, likewise, let us of also accept the outcry from the actors/celebrities against rape.

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    Mr. Natarajan: Do we today notice any filmstar campaigning against drug-addiction or campaigning for easy availability of sanitary pads? I think, no. Are those problems solved? I think, no. Then why do the filmstars stop campaigning?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    They are not publicity hungry people. Instead they are hardcore businessmen selling themselves to earn money. They are always ready to do anything in lieu of an attractive remuneration.

    Entertainment industry is as old as hills. Only its form has changed with the introduction of latest technology. Prior to movies, there used to be live stage performances of all kinds ranging from Ramlila based on religious themes to mujras based totally on entertainment and at all times, the actors and actresses performed to please the audience in lieu of cash.

    They are endorsing brands bartering their name with crores of rupees. They have employed secretaries and professional companies to sell them. They are willing to move to Hollywood also and do bold scenes once their market slides in the Bollywood bazaar.

    Don't get perturbed. Let them do their business. They are earning their livelihood by adopting such tactics.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The actors and the actresses came out in support of a social cause. They sent a message showing their concern about the public issues. We have seen many photo ops of the political leaders including the Prime Minister of India sweeping and cleaning to promote 'Swach Bharat'. Some leaders went to the extent of getting garbage strewn on the clean roads and clean them. None of them are doing any cleaning on daily basis. Is it because the country has become clean? I appreciate the actors for the concern shown about public issues. They need not be treated as Gods or Goddesses. It is sufficient that they are treated as fellow human beings without harboring any anger.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Well actors are habituated to earn money either by acting or ads, they are not concerned about what is happening in the country and they are very guarded if at all wants to respond.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would say, to pick the good one & leave the rest.

    If we look at the positive side then those raised the social issues but on practical side they can't force them to use it. So at least for their effort we must appreciate them. Being a professional actors they are working on petty issue like the sanitary pads which we have never thought of. So instead of ignoring or criticizing them we required to take up the matter to the next peak so as to make the common more aware of these. These actors never behaved that they ever intended to get imagined as a God or to be remembered as a scholar.

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    Like any normal citizen, the actress and actors are too normal people. Whatever happening around us, they too get affected with that. Hence, their opinion too are like any other people. We should not give our mind much into it. Every one has their own concerned to voice out, we can not hold anyone for saying their words which comes out for society.

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    When it comes to reminding people about a particular thought, there is no such thing as 'bad publicity'. Let those who speak about the various issues do what they do, even if you have an issue with it. When well-known people say something, more people listen than when an unrecognized person speaks.

    They have done something to become famous, even in some ways to be termed as 'gods and goddesses'. They have a natural built up influence while you don't seem to. What is it to you if they use that to do good? How can you make a general statement like that and judge them ALL to be "only publicity-hungry ordinary people?" How much do you know about the things they do quietly to benefit others? They have become famous in their field without seeking your opinions, and I suppose they'd do what they do without your counsel. If they help create some awareness then let it be so. No need to feel left out or envious.

    Of course they are all ordinary people. Most behave like ordinary people when they are off their 'work' times. They get affected by the injustice and evil done on others. They also know their words and actions for these causes makes people to take notice, even for a period of time. I don't think it is necessary to minimize their efforts.

    It is highly likely that if you and I did the same, we wouldn't get much attention. We'd be more like a piece of statistic or one of the crowd unless we get the media or a VIP to take note and spread it around. Let's do good where we are most effective in our own areas we excel at.

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    As the author mentioned the celebrities not only actors or actresses but also some women association heads,politicians are just raising a placard against the social evils but till this minute no action has been taken against the social evils. Raping and killing innocents are spreading over the country recently very fast but record wise one or two hanging orders have been given, not effected but giving time for appeal etc., then what is the effects in real sense on the efforts (so called efforts) through slogans etc., by the celebrities, women associations, politicians etc.,?

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