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    Do the criminals who have joined various political parties, have different ideologies?

    Various political parties have their own ideologies. While some of them are pro-liberalisation, the others are anti-capitalism. There are protagonists of right wing politics as well as left wing politics.

    Almost all political parties in India have criminal elements in them. As per media reports, 34% of the members of parliament in the Lok Sabha have criminal charges filed against them. Nowadays, media is abuzz with reports of a BJP MLA arrested for rape and rape charge being withdrawn against yet another ex-minister of BJP.

    A crime is a crime whether committed by a BJP MLA or a SP MLA. There cannot be any differentiation between the crimes committed by the two.

    Do the criminals who have joined various political parties have different ideologies?
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    The constitution is same for everyone in India. As an Indian, we have fundamental rights and Directive Principles. We have fundamental responsibilities. Whether a person belongs to BJP or another party like Congress is not the point and will not make any difference. As such a criminal is a criminal. We should not bring in his p[arty affiliations in deciding about the punishment for his criminal act. But unfortunately, in our country politicians enjoy all benefits. A criminal or a person who is on trial in a court is not eligible for a government job but he can be an MLA or an MP and he can decide on who can get the job and who can't get.What is the ideology of a criminal? How to get out of his case is the prime concern. Irrespective of the party a criminal politician will always try to run away free from the court without ant punishment. That will be the only ideology.
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    The BJP government is itself promoting people who are having serious offenses and charges. Recently a BJP MLA was arrested for accused of rape and most of the politicians in BJP were supporting this MLA when other people were protesting against these incidents. Now from entire country voices are emerging for the support of the girl and the government was resistant to take action and then the MLA was arrested. Such incidents are increasing in our country and we must take our efforts to vanish these kinds of people from our country. Most of the MLA's who is accused of murder or rape gets out with support from the BJP government.
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    For every political parties bad people are also needed and that would be preferably with criminal backgrounds. In fact those who has gone for jail many a time on some fraud or the other, he is treated great and given more respect in the political circle. And the criminals who join a particular party want to set his own agenda to which some times the party may like or ask him to get out. Again he shall be looking for greener patches in other parties and that is well cashed by those parties which are in need of people with bad background and imported from other parties. Funny is that even the EC is not having clear cut rules on criminals in politics.
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    At the beginning of many political careers, the candidate would be more involved at the grass root level, organising meetings, crowds, distributing money and goodies. During this time, most leaders will have their own band of henchmen who deal with activities on the wrong side of the law. This would involve land mafia, haftha from builders, out of court settlements etc.

    So, it is little surprise that criminal elements enter into the party. These people have only one ideology, how to continue having the blessings of the higher-ups, collecting money and even some nurse the dream of becoming leaders themselves. I don't think, any party can ignore these people because then, the secrets would start tumbling.

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    A characterless though wealthy individual will still be called a characterless person only. His wealth cannot mask his character. Similarly a criminal politician will be called a criminal only. His political affiliation cannot absolve him of the committed crime.

    Their only ideology remains to commit crime and indulge in characterless activities.

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    Criminal act by anyone is not admissible whether he belongs to party A or party B.

    It is really an unfortunate matter that there are some criminals in every political party and they give bad name to it.

    Criminals will visualise only their selfish motives and go to any extent to realize them. In fact, political parties should be cautious at the time of candidate selection that such elements should be filtered out.

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