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    No Parking Please! Where to park then?

    In most of the big cities and towns nowadays parking menace has become a major concern both for the public and the administration. Normally people with vehicles on the road feel fortunate and more at convenience compared to the pedestrians but these days the trend has reversed. When people with 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers on the road struggle finding a parking place, find their vehicles towed away or fined for "No Parking" they feel people who are walking or taking public transport are more fortunate than them as they do not face these hassles.

    It is very true that nowadays going out with your personal vehicle especially a 4 wheeler has become more of a burden than a convenience. If you are visiting the places which provide their own parking facility like malls, big restaurants etc it is Ok but otherwise, it is a pain to find the parking slot near the place you visit. If it is a crowded market area it is a bigger problem. Even if you find a parking slot on the road you cannot be at peace as there are high chances of your vehicle being towed or fined and you know these days fines and towing charges are quite hefty.

    There seems to be no solution to this problem. The public blames it on the traffic police for not able to provide designated parking spots and collecting fines and towing charges just to add to their revenue. On the other hand, the traffic police blame it on the public for rampant parking causing traffic jams and inconvenience to the walkers.

    Question is not who is right and who is wrong but it is what can be the solution? Traffic police should ensure that they provide either free or paid designated parking lanes on one side of some roads near about popular areas like markets etc. On the other hand, the public also needs to be responsible and see that do not park haphazardly for the sake of their convenience. They should utilize designated parking lanes, if available or else other parking facilities available in the area even if they are paid. People can also plan things like carpooling, public transport or cabs if they can so that vehicle density is reduced.

    All in all both public and administration have to think hand in hand to overcome this menace. So as per you what more can be done to solve this problem? Let us discuss.
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    It is true that in many cities journey by four-wheelers is very complicated and added to that the owes of parking are innumerable. Yesterday, Sunday, in the afternoon around 4 PM we went to Secunderabad for some Purchases and we have seen the real hell there. The state government says parking is free but they are charging as usual. There is no place to park the vehicle. We were to park the vehicle about 2 km away from the place and we have to walk down and after completing the work we have to walk back. After going there it was found that the whole area is packed and no way to take out the vehicle. Almost it has taken 30 minutes to bring the vehicle out from the parking. The vehicle traffic density is increasing and there is no place for parking this vehicle. The traffic police will click a photo and we have to pay fine if there is a little delay in getting down. The government should plan more elaborately and see that every mal owner will have his own parking place. Otherwise, in coming days, this problem is going to be increased many ways and people may feel going on foot or by public transport may be the best answer.
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    We can see that it is difficult to find parking places in cities due to the people are having business in these cities. The government is not able to find public places is due to the Nonavailability of the land. In shopping malls and restaurants, they have their own parking facilities in the underground area section and it will be easy to park there. When we go with four wheelers parking on the right side is difficult, so most of the people park their vehicles at the No parking boards. The police nor the government is not having any serious attitude to solve these problems of the people. They should take efforts to share the parking facilities given by other merchants or buildings. The administration needs to find places near the grounds or open spaces, where the people are not living in a crowded area.
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    With the increase in population, number of vehicles are also increasing. However, the size of the market areas remain same which leads to congestion and nonavailabiliy of parking spaces. Gradually the problem is being tackled partially by constructing multilevel parking lots particularly at public places like airports, railway stations and busy market areas.

    There has to be an ideal ratio between the open spaces and covered spaces. But unfortunately the population growth rate is gulping all open spaces. Roads are encroached by parking vehicles on either side illegally in the market areas. The traffic policemen get hafta from shopkeepers in such areas for overlooking the issue concerned. They fish in troubled water instead of attempting to find a solution of the given problem.

    There is no room for expansion or widening of roads or construction of parking slots in the old cities. Moreover the cost of land in market areas become prohibitive for using the same for parking. Instead more shops are constructed.

    The only possible solution is to avoid visiting busy market areas in four wheelers. Perhaps lack of parking spaces is also one of the reasons for growth in online shopping.

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    It is really a bigger problem everywhere. The affordability of purchasing a car today has made the number of car owners more and this is the main reason for the problem. Owning a car or attending a function in our own car has become a status symbol for many. Though it is not possible to make arrangement for proper parking, the real problem occurs when there is no proper traffic control resulting in a chaos. I find the problem on every Sunday and Saturday on our day out but would try to manage to get proper parking place by going to the place of visit well in advance. That's the only option we have.

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    Day by day problem of parking place is increasing and the car owners are really in a fix. Even paid parking is not available though it is a bit costly also.

    There are suggestions for making multistorey parking in market and office areas also but nothing seems to work when it comes to the large number of cars plying on roads and the fact that their number is ever increasing.

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    True to the fact that we really are facing this scenario in the metro areas specially in the Delhi. Take an instance of Connaught Place., New Delhi. You got every means of entertainment & shopping as well as the restaurants too but if you having your own vehicle then wouldn't be able to enjoy as most of the time we bound to think of our vehicles whether safe or not.

    It's hardly possible that you get the parking lot to the nearby place that you required to visit. There are chances that we need to walk a long way Then & while going back we again required to measure the distance. We are having more numbers four wheelers then the two wheelers on road. And in the times to come we will be observing the widen differences. This is going to make the situation worse.

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    Yes in big metros and cities, parking is the main problem and for the four wheeler especially its a tiff daily with shop owner or the other who wont allow our car parked in front of their shop if we are not visiting them. In Charminar area, especially the Pathergatti and Gulzar house , there are big shops and those who come by car has to drop and go and then come for pick up, If the car parking is not provided by the shop owner, we should not visit the shop and let him realize the reason for no customers or less customers. And what is the funny that we have to park the vehicle at one km distance and walk for the shopping to which I am very averse.
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    My suggestion and solution to overcome this parking problem. The metropolitan authorities should construct parking areas on the road sides with a lift facility with a winch. The cars should go under a hook and the driver/owner of the vehicle should go to thewinch and operate it to lift the vehicle it to a high position. Just look at the attachment to understand it better. Thus we can save space and accommodate more and more vehicles in elevated parking space on the air.
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    There is no easy answer to this, in Bangalore, it is so bad that at places there will be double and triple parking literally blocking the width of the street(two cars at the opposite sides with a two-wheeler next to the car).

    The city spots are so overcrowded that there are multi-storied car parks now. If a visitor or a newcomer has to visit Lalbagh, the parking is literally a nightmare and impossible during the flower show.

    People with local knowledge of the streets find spots quickly, part and walk a few minutes to their offices. I think we need to consider metro as an option. What we do now is to book an ola or an uber cab, it is so easy and we need to worry too much about our vehicle, the scratches etc.

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    No lengthy cars, and the cars must be parked with angled projection, in between cars scooters should be parked, and those cars which are to be parked for long hours can be relegated to back space.
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