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    Now it is the turn of Mr. Naidu.

    Two or three days before we have seen the fasting carried out by our PM and all his party members to show their unhappiness towards the attitude of the opposition members in the Parliament wherein no activities could be carried out. Now the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr Naidu says that he will be undertaking a fast for a day on 20th of this month. That is happened to be his birthday. He says he is taking up this fasting to show his concern towards the central government for its stepmotherly attitude towards the State of Andhra Pradesh. He says he will carry out this in Vijayawada on that day. Now, these days are the days of fasting politics. Let us wait and see who else will continue this after Naidu.
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    I feel pity for Chandrababu Naidu who missed out the great chance to tame the NDA government while in power now he lost every chance to meet the PM who wont even give appointment to Naidu even he does 100 fastings. Once the relations gets strained and having came out of the NDA, Naidu made great mistake of his life to which he has to answer the people for his 4 years delay in understanding the Modi government on its dilly dallying attitude and he has to answer the opposition which are targeting his ouster in the coming elections. Nevertheless the people of AP are made the scape goat and they are feeling the indifference of BJP and TDP all these years and now sitting on fast for no cause.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What I think is - The President of India also might go on a fast to show his disgruntlement against the politicians in power and in opposition.
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    We have had politicians making a beeline in copying what the opposite party is doing. First, we had, the visits to various temples and Mutts, this was fondly referred by the media as 'Temple Run'
    Then we had the fasting protest by Congress and BJP which were dubbed as 'Feast and Fast' (the members from Congress were caught eating chole batura before fasting and some BJP members were seen distributing samosas during the fasting meet.

    Now Mr.Naidu is putting his case forward, his situation is also difficult, he has come out of the alliance, yet there is no progress. He has to keep the pressure up by regular protests, media presentations etc. Given the current political situation, the elections around the corner, the whispers of a third front, BJP may just announce a surprise package to pacify AP.

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    One last chance the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has now. That is pressurizing the Vice President Venkiah Naidu to resign from the post with the assurance that if third front comes to power, then he will be made as President. Now our VP is unable to move or talk in politics due to his chair and position. If he tenders resignation, he will be free to talk and support the AP cause. And that will give big jolt to the Modi government. The reason for Venkiah Naidu elevation was to silence him and not to talk about special status and if he now gives up the post, the turn around would be favorable for him and the state.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The Chief Minister of the Andhra Pradesh Mr. Naidu got a chance to act against the BJP government and he was not able to do it at the correct time. Most of the parties are just giving hyps and beliefs towards people and nothing is happening in the state. The special status for the state has been saying for years and they are not able to capitalize on their MP's and Ministers. Recently No confidence motion cannot be passed in the parliament due to non-cooperation from the opposition parties. If the opposition parties get united, then there is a chance to act against the BJP government. The issues of the people need to resolve in a fast manner and they need to do something which helps the interest of the state.
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    Really very frustrated by the activities of all politician. All these dramas for making vote bank. No political leader of any party really wants the development of India. They are selfish and always want to get in ruling party. No principles in these days for political parties and political leaders. So, I do not want to comment on this situation.
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