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    Beware local made television are sold with Foreign brands online. Never get cheated.

    The Hyderabad task force has arrested a group which used to manufacture televisions locally and affix the brand names of foreign countries and sell them through the online so that the purchasers wont have any doubt regarding quality. But the problems comes when the television goes for repair or something gone wrong with test signals. In that case the customers are forced to approach the company service center which wont recognize such spurious televisions which may carry their brand name but components are different ?
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    It is true. This news I heard from one of my friends. He told me that his house owner purchased online and he had some trouble with the piece. Hyderabad is notorious for such things. So it is better to be very careful while we order online for these type of items. We should go to unknown companies and we should order through Amazon or Flipkart etc., which are very well known and we should insist on the Guarantee card and the local service centre representative. Otherwise, we will get into problems.
    I have purchased an AC which is not a branded item but made locally by assembling various parts available parts. I got it for a very less rate and it worked for more than 17 years without any problem. No single repair. Even now also it is in working condition. Why I quoted this here is again our luck also plays an important role.

    always confident

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    I have had a bitter experience of buying binoculars online and being duped. Some of us choose online for the easy and also for the great offers and sale. What we forget is the sites, Flipkart or snapdeal etc are just facilitators and ultimately we have to deal with the sellers for exchange and refunds.
    I personally feel laptops, expensive cameras, and TVs should be bought from a reputed dealer or a showroom or the company website itself, an extra 5-10% would be worth in the long run.
    Last week, I read about a case of a refurbished car sold as a new model and a fake Benz car sold similarly.

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    So from the responses it is further more clear that on line marketing are for wait and watch shopping and we should not make urgency.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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