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    What are the advantages of getting one's marriage registered?

    As far as I know, it is not mandatory to get one's marriage registered. However, there appears no harm either in doing do. As a matter of fact getting one's marriage registered is likely to have many advantages also. Thus with a view to discuss for understanding the pros and cons of getting one's marriage registered, I am raising this thread.

    One of the uses of a marriage certificate is that it proves useful in claiming family pension or bank deposits or life insurance benefits in case of unfortunate death of depositee or the insurer without proper nomination etc.

    Let us discuss as to what are the other advantages of getting one's marriage registered?
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    I think the commonest reason to register the marriage would be to enable the name change of the passport and to apply for a dependent visa for many Indians working or planning to emigrate overseas. Apart from that, if there are legal issues or disputes within the family, it is better to have the marriage registered.

    Sadly, if the marriage reaches the point of dissolution, then registration of the marriage helps in starting off the proceedings. It would be important for women because, if they are deserted or duped into a marriage for the sake of money, then the marriage certificate would be very useful to file a case for support and child's education etc.

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    In those days elders used to initiate the marriage process and finally culminate in to grand alliance of mutual understanding from both sides and the the marriage would be held and last for ever with plenty of children and so on. But now the most of the marriages as set by the girl or boy themselves out of their love affair or having a crush on the colleague at the work place and thus miss trust play important role in many such huff marriages and thus for the social security thereafter, the girl side felt the need for registered marriage certificate which was also insisted by the law. By getting the marriage registered. the boy cannot escape the law and has to see the well being of his be wife even after divorce if it become inevitable. The life maintenance and other financial implications after divorce are get addressed through the registered marriage certificate and also acts as the proof when had the chance to go abroad and work.
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    It is never known during the 1970s and 1980s that we require a marriage certificate. I got married in 1985 and I don't have any marriage certificate and so far I never got any necessity of the same. My wife has taken Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and Passport but never they asked for the marriage certificate. Even when the VISA is got issued also they never asked for the marriage certificate. But I understand that these days the rules are changed and we have to produce this marriage certificate for getting the passport and changing the surname in the Aadhaar, PAN and Passport they insist for the certificate.
    A marriage certificate is becoming important these days as it is required for many purposes like getting a VISA for going to the foreign countries to settle with his/her partner who is an NRI with permanent staying status in another country.

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    Useful submission.

    For me this goes on record of the government database. This can also be used as a hard fact for claiming a settlement or while applying for any jobs. With this we can also opt for various schemes.

    Or we can be settled with the option of as a official declaration on government record for the use of a kind that we may feel this suitable of.

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