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    Do you give your applause the socialization process which we are seeing in the present day youth?

    As generations change we see lot of changes in the behavior, character, cultural and dress code aspects of present day youth. In the name of modernization and socialization present day boys and girls are behaving in such a way that their elders and parents are unable control them. A boy is having a girl friend and a girl is having a boy friend is a common phenomenon in the present day youth and without such thing they are feeling themselves shame. Moving together with movies, picnics, pubs, resorts etc. become fashion in the present day generation. Still modern youngsters want to have dating and sex before their marriage. Do you welcome and applaud such changes in the present day young generation? or do you think there is a lot of necessity for the elder generation to guide and mould them in a proper way?
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    In my opinion, socialising is good to a certain extent but beyond that, it is not at all our cup of tea. These days college students either females or males, they are not able to understand what it is the limit and where to stop. They never give weight to the parent's sayings and they want them only for giving money and comfort There may be a few exceptions but the majority are like this. This behaviour in the society is only leading to the atrocities against ladies. This is not at all a welcome feature which is to be understood by the young people and should adapt themselves to certain norms and ethics.I am seeing in my city a lot of advancement in the behaviour of young college going boys and girls and I am afraid this type of behaviour will lead to more and more unwanted issues in the public life. How to make them understand the evils of their behaviour is the task before the parents these days.
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    What I feel that the socializing aspect has come into being during school days itself when most of private and government schools are having co-education pattern and that induces interest in the opposite sex. And when it comes to college the urge to move with friends on the pretext of socializing further increase. And it continues when the new job is got. So socializing has been happening to every one and that cannot be avoided. But a guarded distance from each side is very much required. First the youngsters get attracted to touch and then wants to go for the feelings and beyond and in that process many things can happen as one cannot control the emotions and love making. So parents are equally responsible for the behavior of their children and parents have to tell them the importance of keeping distance with others , otherwise the society would brand them something and their marriage prospects gets obstructed.
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