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    Up to what extent ‘work from home’ system is likely to be successful in India?

    I have heard that in India also 'work from home' system is allowed by few companies. However, I don't have full knowledge about it and would like to get updated about the same.

    In USA most of the companies freely allow 'work from home' and the employees honor the system also. They don't cheat their employers and sincerely work without any full time supervision or monitoring. In few companies in USA , the employers have given freedom to their employees to choose themselves as to how many days of leave they require as they know that their employees will take leave only when genuinely required.

    Up to what extent 'work from home' system is likely to be successful in India?
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    Work from home is a kind of flexibility which many multinational companies offer to their employees. It is an alternative to work when you have an urgency and wants to stay at home during your work period so that you can accordingly manage your work and home. It depends on person to person, how they handle this facility given to them by the organization. Some people take this facility forever, but they just do not work and make the misuse of this option.
    While some people healthily work from home, giving proper preference and importance to their work. It is a nice culture to have this facility. But people should make appropriate use of it. In most cases, what I feel is it is not easy to work from home, firstly you do not get the proper work environment to work and secondly, you will not have any resource in front of you to help if you need. Work from home most importantly requires a good internet connection. Especially if you are doing something very critical and you do not want any process to hang in between because of bad internet connection. So, we need to have the appropriate resources available to work from home.

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    In India, we should make this successful, imagine if the companies were able to ensure 25% of their staff to be on work from home model, the traffic, the pollution, the crowd everything will being to ease up.

    The degree of success depends on the job requirements, feasibility and maturity on the part of the employee and employer. Traditionally, in many offices, the efficiency will be so low that it's almost like physically present, mentally absent. Work from home would be a good option in the IT sector, part of the HR workforce, accounts department etc. The main issues would be the productivity, the degree of maintenance of confidentiality and the cost of illegal/misuse of data.

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    In Hyderabad too there are certain IT companies which allows for work from home concept provided the employee is well connected with all the departments of his work and has good and cordial relations with fellow employees for further coordination in seeking help and clarification during work from home. What I have invariably found that by opting for work from home concept, a employee is bound to work more working hours than the regular going to office working hours. And secondly he stay put in his computer room with no lunch, no tea and no breaks at all. Moreover he completely discards the family and children who feels that by work from home they can attend to some personal pending works and that is not possible at all. In fact work from home candidates gets more task to complete and they are helpless to help the family members during their so called work from home timings ?
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    Work from home is suitable in a certain type of jobs and had been successful to that extent also.

    This trend is mainly popular in big companies and big institutions where manual interaction is not needed for completion of a task. In our country also, especially in IT sector, this trend is picking up.

    Work from home pattern suits more to women employees as they can combine their household responsibilities with it. Men generally prefer to work outdoors due to their inherent extrovert nature.

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    Work from home concept is started in India also. But it is not full time. An employee can avail this facility if he has to be in the house for some reason or other, instead of wasting a day's leave and at the same time without postponing his company work to be completed on that, the system is used. The employee will be logged in fully through his working hours and be on the system and will work as if he is working at the office. If the employee is a little sick travelling will be a problem but sitting at the home he can complete his work. That way it is very helpful to both employee and employer. Indian Employees of IBM will work from home many days. My son was in IBM initially at Bangalore. Whenever he used to come to Hyderabad he was working from home up to 10 to 15 days also without any problem. It will save travelling time and unnecessary traffic hassles also. If the work can be managed from home it will be beneficial and good for all.
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    Work from Home is really good for professionals who want to balance their life and career. In India, only a few companies allow Work from Home culture. We want to promote this culture because day by day the pollution is increasing and traffic on the road is also increasing and we need to find alternative steps to avoid these problems. In Winter times Abroad, most of the companies prefer to give the Work from home system, because they cannot travel to their office due to heavy snowfalls. In India, most of them need to work at the office in a day and night times and most of the managers need to follow the work, so they prefer employees to work in the office itself.
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    If we take a note about the objective that any company add numbers to their employees, then the most general aspect is to increase the overall business & that company's work shouldn't get effected.

    In my current company too, allows to work from home but as a regular practice this doesn't seems to be working for a longer period. Although our mind continue to look all over places but when you are in home or in office, you are more focused in either of the places. This could be the practical that if we mix up the things then the quality of job gets downward effecting the overall performance of the professional & personal life.

    In the current world wherein we are surrounded by the tech savvy gadgets like the laptop & mobile having the conference facility which in someway facilitate from anywhere but that got the limitations too that you can't be readily available. We know that we make a better communications when we are sitting next to others wherein the body language also matters which is not possible with the help of the technology.

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    Work from home particularly suits to women who have infants and toddlers. Generally, in nuclear family systems the couples have to avail day care facilities but in case of minor ailments like cold and cough etc. the day care centers don't take the kids and they have to be kept at home. Under such circumstances the work from home facility comes handy.
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