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    Should we merge CBI and the crime police?

    I feel sorry for the officers and staff of CBI. These days, even if they work overtime, there would many cases pending.

    Any violence that has deep religious or political hues, CBI has to jump in. Sadly, the unfortunate heinous rapes cases, CBI has to step in as they are the saving grace. Any mega fraud or scam, they have to wade in.

    Just imagine the PNB fraud, the high profile cases, the murder of journalists, politicians and ministers scandals etc; does CBI really have the manpower to handle all of them?

    These cases are not going to go away soon. The easiest way to increase their manpower would be to merge the state police (crime division) with CBI. If not fully at least 50% of the crime police would be a welcome relief.
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    I am also seconding with author that CBI has to be expanded with more staff and every state crime branch and SOT police force must be part of their investigations in the respective states regarding the cases emerging out of heinous crimes, white collar offence and some frauds of bigger nature. As the days are passing by we are coming across more crimes of varied nature, and the CBI is getting more pressure to handle such cases out of compulsion. By doing so, the main cases which are running are also being slowed down and the hearing comes for the main cases, the CBI is not doing proper home work and fail to provide clinching evidence and thus the main accused goes scott free with bail and so on. CBI must have its presence in each state coordinating with the crime branch of every state and evidence if any must be immediately produced and the culprits be given punishments forthwith.
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    In India, as the population is very high the crimes are also very high. Similarly, protection to a criminal is also high here. That is why it is happening like this here. Once the criminal is identified immediately if a severe punishment is given, the crime rate may come down. But in our country, we have so many procedures and many lawyers are there, so for CBI, it is taking hell lot of a time. The bomb explosions in a masjid in Hyderabad happened in 2007 and now that is after 11 years the court says the people who are booked under this case are not the real culprits and they were not given any punishment. This is the way our system runs.
    Even increasing the number of officers in CBI or merging them with police will not have any impact unless otherwise, the courts complete the cases as early as possible, I think there should be a tatkal court system like tatkal passport service so that the cases can be disposed of at the earliest. Otherwise, we the taxpayer's money will go to salaries all these officially only and further the rate of tax may also be increased to meet the expenses.

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    Instead of thinking about expanding CBI to become able to handle all important cases across the country, reform in the state police force has to be thought of to make the same competent and professional in outlook. The problem with state police forces is that they cannot function impartially as the local political leaders never allow them to work independently and impartially. The CBI being a central force, generally remains free of the clutches of the local politicians.

    The state police forces gets reduced to the henchmen of the local political functionaries. They carry out their orders and harass their opponents. The recent case of a MLA raping a minor in Uttar Pradesh and ensuring that the local police is not registering a case against him is a typical example. Finally the case had to be handed over to CBI after which prompt action was taken and the criminal is now behind the bars.

    Increasing CBI force can be compared to opening more IITs. Such actions dilute the quality, be it policing or education.

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    As the population is increasing day by day, the CBI needs to recruit new people to handle the pending cases. The government must take effective steps in recruiting new people to the CBI. As the cases of stealing, smuggling, murders are increasing and the strength of the staff needs to be increased. Now if any cases which are complicated will be handed over to the CBI and they are not having sufficient staff to solve all these cases within a short span of time. The current officers who are working in CBI must recruit new talents from the applicants who are dependants and must appoint them to handle the pending cases.
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