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    Based on 'Aadhaar" information, why not Central government formulate schemes to families ?

    While making our Aadhaar cards, we have submitted documentary evidence of our position, status, income and all the details of family members and our Aadhaar card details with the central government are in their tips. Then why not the government use those genuine information and help the families and lift their status by reaching out to them. For example the family without government jobs may be offered one, those who are really poor and having no house, can be offered with housing facility and those who have good abilities and knowledge can be shown the start up self business and so on ?
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    The central government was very keen on introducing the Aadaar Based services, but now the situation has changed and they are not able to authenticate information provided in Aadaar Cards. The software which is used to enroll is India based, but the authentication of Aadaar Cards is foreign-based and this is the issue which was raised by the Supreme Court. The government is not having any interest in providing services to the people. The companies who provided Aadaar services has become rich. Nandan Nilekani who was the brain behind this change is becoming rich day by day. The government must take steps to introduce services to the people who deserve it. Otherwise, people will lose faith in the government.
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    The government will never do it. Not only this government any government can't do it. In our country, the population is very high and everybody wants a government job. It is not possible to give government jobs to all families. So they will try to develop job providing activities and people will work in those companies. So some people are getting private jobs. It is the duty of the person to show his abilities and get a job either in private or public organisations.
    In our country, the reservations are also causing many problems. Deserving candidates will never get a job Subsidies and free food is the expectations of our people which is not a correct thing. Including the employees in higher authoritative positions and politicians are very corrupted. So it is very difficult to provide jobs basing on the author details. All these details given by the employees may be correct. In villages and semi-urban areas, the details will never be genuine.

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    The government has to collect taxes for spending on various welfare measures as well as for providing basic services like healthcare, education, transport infrastructure and everything else which falls under public sector, in addition to huge expenditure required in the defence sector. Thus the resources of government are not unlimited and there is no magic wand to create as much money as required for fulfilling the needs of all aadhar card holders like providing government jobs and houses.

    Already many social welfare schemes are operational and taxes deducted from honest tax payers is being spent on them and clearly is not possible to support all aadhar card holders due to resource constraints. As a matter of fact, a lot of public money is required to be spent on making the aadhar card itself.

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    Essentailly, what the author is asking for is correct the deifincies of various needy families based on their data given in Aadhar card. Yes, the Government will have the data, but where in the funding for all the good activities.
    Creating jobs is not very easy, sectors have to be expanded, new roles need to be formulated, salaries, pension, health care etc for the employees all have to be analysed and funded.
    Even before they start, they have to find funds for the existing programs and the sops announced periodically. Ministers and Governments announce extra jobs as part for their minority appeasement or to pacify a alliance partner. So, it would be extremely difficult for the Government to fulfill the deficiencies of the needy people.

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    For example there are more than two or three government employees in a single family. That kind of over employment can be corrected and the needy be given chance.
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